Is Mayawatiji’s BSP moving in the direction of the appeasement of upper/feudal class

By Praful Sakya



hat Underclass are expected to do in order to capture the temples of power? The fear is lurking in the minds of the underclass intellectual that the kind of politics the BSP is being engaged in moving in the direction of the appeasement of upper/feudal class. What does unity mean and its importance in realising the dream of becoming the ruler? The great goal of unity. As the power loads lots of responsibility, is the BSP fulfilling its role aptly or wavering from its principal canons. And what are the responsibilities of the Underclass towards party this has all been discussed in this article.   


            There have been number of concerns raised by intellectuals who are strongly and affectionately affiliated with the welfare of Underclass. Their main fear is: the kind of politics that BSP is being engaged in, according to them, if not entirely but sort of an appeasement of upper/feudal class’, and the problem does not stop here, their real worry: is the party over steeping or getting too far?


            Well, respected all, let me first appreciate your benign concerns towards the fellow underclass, because these genuine concerns in people like you are really helping to make a divine difference in the lives of millions of underclass. These concerns are devising and sharpening the tone of underclass fight for survival and even help flourishing them in the most hostile societal set-up. With due respect to the sprit of your concerns, I further this writing. Here my only genuine effort is to put lights on the other side of the affair.


            First of all we need to understand the importance of ‘the Power of being in the power’ and second most important thing that I would like to bring your attention to the fact that the kind of socio-religious and political leadership that has been emerging since the Death of Dr B R Ambedkar and its impact on the overall development of the Underclass. 


            To start with let me underline some of the bitter truth in our society that we are all familiar with.


            1. Discrimination prevails no matter how hard you try to demolish, as it manifests itself in new form as an inherent character of the Hindu-society. It is the societal so called divine religious set-up forces the large population in to believing and thinking that the caste-discrimination is the highest order set-up by the divine forces. There is the general apathy of the large mass of the populations towards the pain of the discriminated-fellows make the scene extremely direr. The Brahminwadi moral apparels that the so called Uppercaste have been beguiled to wear by the Vedic Hocus-Pocus, devised by the Brahmins does not allow penetrating the cry of intense and acute pains of underclass in the once sensitive minds of the Uppercaste. So to make them understand your point of views about their discriminatory attitude does not help yield considerable gains. Though not entire picture is in a bad artistic-shape, there is lot happing, this is the transition phase and as they say the transition is more painful in some events.


            2. The one man (Dr. B R Ambedkar) could make such a epoch-making change in the lives of the millions of the underclass why was then, after his death, no one could even able to keep that momentum of the underclass’s societal growth intact or for that matter kept the pace of the growth at half of what Dr. B R Ambedkar managed to do. We have always been a very disorganized, and economically non-powerful segment of the society and perhaps one of the worst divided amongst ourselves. No matter we are the persecuted ones but our feeling for the others does not come out easily, it is reserved only for self-groups. We might call ourselves Dalits, a unit to denote the persecuted ones but Bihari Dalit has little feeling for the UP Dalit, or for that matter to the Maharashtra Dalits some of them got converted to Buddhism. Our Dalit identity makes us weaker; you are Dalit means you are bound to get persecuted or crushed. So to establish one identity that generates sympathy towards fellow brothers, invokes emotional pull to fight for the cause and bind all of tighter all across the country, amongst the Underclass is a must, today.


            And this can be achieved by two means that is forming unity under                        1.Religion and 2. Politics


            Why these two things would yield expected result is mainly because if one sees the History or Mythology of India subcontinent- it is fully dominated by either politics or religion OR in subtle way the politicization of religion or the religionization of politics Or religionization and politicization of societal order have governed or affected or formed the societal character or behaviour than any other factors put together. 


            The first part is grouping together for forming unity under religion which was long ago foreseen and classically adopted by Dr B R Ambedkar. That’s the reason why during the last phase of his movement of societal reforms he decided to dedicate it for uniting the underclass under Buddhist Religion. Had he had got five to eight years of extra life; he could have definitely succeeded in stringing together the large portion of the underclass in the divine fold of Buddhism. Unfortunately it did not happen. It was quite possible for him because the divine force of considerable magnitude that he possessed could have helped him achieving his objective. What made him more inclined towards the idea of religious conversion and why had he chosen Buddhism over other religion is an open secret. His idea was to make the identity of the underclass as Buddhist people, which he argued well in his book ‘who were the Sudras?’ He had wished to reaffirm the identity so as to create religious force of considerable magnitude that would empathies with the feeling of larger group. And this identity should be utilized as a part of combating cultural pollution and religious misuse against the Hindutva forces was the vision of Dr B R Ambedkar. And to a great degree it was thinking of a great mind, well ahead of his time because in his mind he had visualized everything that could arise and hence got ready to counter.


            The second part of the same solution is unity under Politics. I am not quite sure about what was then in the mind of Kanshiramji when he formed his political party for protecting the rights of the Underclass. As I am not fortunate enough to be a close associate of the higher echelon of the organisation it is very difficult for me to tell the exact account of what is there in their mind, but as a political observer I bet my views are not, particularly on the agenda of the party, way off if compared with the ideas of party ideologues. And this is to make a political mass of great unity that would shape the destiny of Underclass. And thus the BSP organized and created and marshaled its resources for one and only thing to bring the Underclass under magical fold of unity to capture temples of power.


            Now let’s settle the concern that you all have about the appeasement of the upper/feudal class. First of all look at the kind of leadership that has been evolved or evolving since the death of Dr B R Ambedkar. To characterized them in one word: ‘Bootlickers’. Here’s the BSP stands differently altogether.  It did compromise on numbers of issue, as a game plan of party’s growth but never did it falter or fail to voice the aspirations of the Underclass. And it achieved incredible success by sticking tighter to the principal canon of the party, which no one amongst current lot of underclass leadership could have even dreamt of.


            Now talking about the persecutions or the atrocities committed on the Underclass is on the rise, in the rule of BSP. Well your concerns are legitimate by the fact that under our own rule the atrocities should not take place. Well can the India government guarantee that it will protect every individual against terrorism? Terrorism is in fact, one of their favorite escape-ammunitions against anything bad happen in the country. Or for that matter, despite high security cover why America failed to protect Pentagon or World Trade Centers?  Here my aim is not to compare terrorism with persecution of the Underclass but to reason out that the administration has no enough potent power to protect each and everything under sudden attack. But it does not mean that it should refrain from doing its moral and legitimate duties. And it should have the greater impact of its presence in the minds of the general public that it feels secure or refrain from doing bad things. Now, if the mantel is in the hands of persecutors can you expect protection from them?


            The Indian underclass has been persecuted by Uppercaste since time immemorial. There method of persecution is so inhumane that to disturb the fabric of our growth and establish their supremacy they parade publicly our women naked, rapes are common and forcing eating faeces, drinking urine and like that which a cruel inhuman mind can think of it. These are in fact old methods of persecution but who says it stopped all together. Earlier we were persecuted at the slightest instance or at their desire as we all were dumb people, now the good news is that we learn to raise our voice and ready to fight for our rights, which they are not accustomed to, that’s promoted them to persecute us more violently. As we have learned to raise our voice against their persecution the day will soon arrive we will succeed in stopping their crudity and cruelties altogether. Just have hopes. And to stop it all together it needs powerful force of unity resistance and enough monitory might. In that direction the BSP is marching on as a political entity.  It understands very well what it takes to be in the power and the power of being in the power. It understands very well that it is the power that has been abolishing the interests of the underclass and that’s the reason why it made ‘capturing the institution of the power its number one priority.  It is the Mayawatiji’s CM post sending the message all across the administrative echelons that the atrocities on the Underclass will not be tolerated. She is quite a hard task master and it is the fear of losing ones job or the transfer, forces administration to take the effective action against atrocities, which would have not been possibly had there been any other CM. That’s in way good news but it also makes her more responsible and prone to criticism if some event surfaces. But she too has limitations and not the ultimate point where you can expect the end of persecution. India is complex entity and its people are entangled in many paradoxes, which develop relations and intercommunity responses of incompressible nature.       


            If you take a glance over the history of the India you would come across many unique stories of the invaders that how they have co-opted or obtained help of certain segments of the local people that made it possible for them to make inroads in the country and rule over the vast tract of land for considerable time period. Be it Afghan invaders, Portuguese, or England Aryan are the most innovative lot of all as they still ruling. Now after independence and Pune Pact our destiny is tied with the majority lot. When we oppose them for our rights we need to underline our method of fight. Are we going to finish them in an all out war? Or fighting them feebly and get persecuted. The best way is to get engage in our capacity building and help bring about the necessary social change. Every one of us should aim of becoming no less then Dr B R Ambedkar, meant hereby to gain quality education that help us to break the shackles of old societal mould.


            We need to fight them democratically and the potent weapon in democracy is Political power and to have that you need to build a political entity potent enough to make you the indispensable part of the governing council. And to achieve it you need to have the all inclusive party agenda. It may sound like the appeasement of the upper/feudal class but they are no lesser forces. They are engaging in the persecutions of the underclass the most is no denying the fact, it is mainly because of the empowerment of the underclass, once their servants, might be promoting them to crush the underclass in a more violent way so as to nip us in bud. But for every stand there is a prize tagged to it and we have since time immemorial been paying heavy prices for taking stand against everything that is evil and inhumane, so why worry now, oppose it tooth and nail it as we know one day these Uppercaste bound to realise that we are their brothers and they are equally victims of Manuwadi societal order. And to make it happen keep the fights going on in whatever manner is possible for an individual but history is witness to the fact that it is Unity that crates magic. So underclass needed to be united under Religion or Politics. But a day is bound to dawn that all underclass will realise that the door of religious unity will only open the door of political empowerment or gains, as it would not make them the victims of break-ups.    



Sukh ka Kya Hai Paray?

Namo Buddhay, Namo Dhamay, Namo Sanghay

Praful Sakya