Astounding findings of the Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee convention against Mayawatiji

By Praful Sakya


            Recently concluded two days Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee’s two day convention held in Kanpur on 30 and 31 April, 2008 brought wonderful message for the Underclass, as the congress all of sudden realised that the underclass are living in precarious condition, only during the rule of Mayawatiji. And this in true senses the power of being in the power.


            In his politically motivated scathing attack on the first day coming down heavily on the alleged corruption in the UP state government Digvijay Singh, in charge UP congress state unit, taking the name of Dr B R Ambedkar with utmost respect attacked the state government for not implementing the welfare and development project meant for underclass. He said that If Dr  B R Ambedkar were alive today  he would have felt very sad over the precarious conditions of the Underclass by knowing that the Tube well, lands, homes, etc. that should have been allotted to him (Underclass) not given as the money had been siphoned off by corrupt governing and administration members.


            In continuation of the rhythm of the first day, on second day Rahul Gandhi, General Secretary, Congress party too in his attack said the Underclass people are taking us to their home to show us their precarious conditions and accusing that the CM of the state is not doing enough for them and they fell cheated.


            There are two good things came out of this convention. Firstly, willingly or unwilling the congress party with utmost respect taken the name of (for them) long forgotten hero Dr B R Ambedkar to attack the government, they even found out what were the wishes of Dr B R Ambedkar and what could have made him sad, Secondly they were presuming that in their reign the underclass was prosperous citizen but it is in the rule of the Mayawatiji their condition got so worsen that if the great emancipator of underclass had seen that all he would have definitely cursed the government.


            It seems that the congress particularly in the state of UP plugged into deep self-induced frustration as its condition in the state is so precarious that it started seeing everything that it come across in precarious state out of which they can take political mileage against Mayawatiji. It seems that they got booted in the mode of frustration mainly they have no solid issue against Mayawatiji government. So they have decided to take the refuge in the precarious state of Underclass. Yes the underclass not only in the UP state but all across the country are living in the precarious sate. But if congress genuinely retrospect (it’s too much of asking) they will find the answer about who are the real culprits and whose policies perpetuated the precarious condition of the underclass. And they are expecting that the effect of age old wrongs be wiped out in a few months of governance. Mayawatiji is committed to the all around development of the Underclass, her government is just a few months old, but though she has been making policy changes for the welfare of the underclass sending proverbial jitters down the spinal cords of the congress. But it is the congress unimaginative publicity stunt and to take the political mileage in projecting age old precarious state a few months old phenomenon would definitely been dislodged by the Underclass, because the Underclass now knows very well who their friends are and who pseudo friends.


            And this is the power of being in the power that forcing the congress to take the note of precarious conditions of the underclass. So the underclass keep yourselves committed to acquire powers and help yourself to improve your own conditions as there are too much pseudo improviser are on prowl.


Sukh ka Kya Hai Paray?

Namo Buddhay, Namo Dhamay, Namo Sanghay

Praful Sakya