Mayawati: A biography to wish herself a happy birthday
Monday January 16 2006 00:00 IST


NEW DELHI: Bahujan Samaj Party president Mayawati's birthday bashes may have a familiar ring to them on Sunday, but the birthday girl has learnt the art of springing surprises to make them fanciful events.

Sunday was a special day-it was Mayawati's 50th birthday-so even as the mandatory cake (strawberry pink, her favourite colour) and her mentor and party founder Kanshi Ram were wheeled out, Mayawati released her book, a two-volume, 2,400-page tome titled .

It was the culmination of two years of hardwork, says party spokesperson Sudhir Goel. She spent three hours every morning and evening to pen herthoughts about life from student days to her present position as leader of one of the largest Dalit political movements in the country.

Naturally, it was an emotional Mayawati who declared, after Kanshi Ram released the books, I have chosen this occasion to reiterate my commitment to my guru, my mentor, Kanshi Ramji, who reposed his full faith in me to carry the work of the Bahujan Samaj. Mayawati then proceeded to read out the text of Kanshi Ram's last public speech, given in Lucknow on August 25, in which he had bigger plans for her.

Mayawati also launched the Bahujan Prerna Trust, a fund to look after the poor, to which party MPs, MLAs, and workers are expected to contribute generously.

Her birthday has always been an occasion to collect contributions from party workers, with collection centres in every district of UP. And, with an election year just ahead, the coffers are already spilling over with ticket hopefuls and favour seekers, say party sources. It is Mayawati who decides how the money is spent.

After the cake cutting ceremony, Mayawati, in diamonds and shiny pink attire, gave Kanshi Ram the customary first slice. She then hustled her party colleagues out and laid on a lavish lunch for the media, a sign perhaps that she longer views the press with contempt. And as the party bards sang songs in praise of the Bahujan Bahena, she presented copies of her book to every present.



Mayawati celebrates 50th birthday


Manu Sharma

Sunday, January 15, 2006 (Lucknow):

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati celebrated her 50th birthday in her typical flamboyant style.

This year's bash was held outside her residence in the capital instead of a vast ground in Uttar Pradesh like earlier.

However, the lack of space did not seem to cramp the festivities, which included a dancing elephant to glorify the party's election symbol. But the biggest gift for the workers was a rare appearance by the party's founder-leader Kanshi Ram, whose health has deteriorated in the past few years.

Maywati used the opportunity to release her autobiography detailing her struggles. She also unveiled the Bahujan Prerna Trust, which will look after the needy.

It's now up to the party's MPs and MLAs to contribute to the fund. While the money will be used for the benefit of the dalits, the final decision on where the money is spent will rest with behenji.


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