Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar remembered

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Average Human by nature tends to be attached to high and rich.This is in essence a fodder to the ego of humankind. But whoever aspires to be friend of and commit to the cause of underpriviledged is definitely far above the rest. He is the saviour of unhappy sentient beings.

Bodhisatva-the one who with perfection of his parmitas will at some point of time become Buddha and will bring solace & peace on earth. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar has been eulogized such a being by his followers and lovers.

Let us humbly bow to and salute such a revered being who worked all along his life to repulse the humiliation that was being meted out to the people at lower plane.

When everyone takes birth the same way (i.e.from mother's womb)then what is it that keeps some live life at lower planes.

It is the IGNORANCE.

We have been deprived of education & meditation which are universal to anyone's emancipation. Some devils of the society calling themselves upper caste did this trick from time immemorial to keep us from progress both material and spiritual so that we could remain their stooge. Our forefathers gave in and became easy prey to these few people with vested interest. The result- we fell in wrong plane and the inertia continued - till date.

The first weapon Dr Babasaheb gave us was to help come out of ignorance.And there's nothing like a good example he gave us by totally educating himself above a lot in contemporary India.

"Good example is the best gift we can bestow upon others"-he realised. Education brings out in us the power,he brought home in us this awareness.

He said educate,unite and fight. It seems Babasaheb's concept in these words is either less construed or is lost in us with time. Today we educate ourselves for material benefit which is short term. While educating our childern seeking certificates for good job is prime objective rather than the quest for knowledge, conduct and various other wholesome qualities which take a backseat- the result- we advance materialistically which is short term and over generations again fall back to square one.

By 'Unite' Babasaheb meant giving foremost value to harmonious relations and consideration for human factors in the group. Today in the name of unity our socities and politicals parties are falling apart, because the real love (metta-detached attachment as described by Buddha)is missing. You can unite and soar to success only if there is spiritual love.

By fight Babasaheb meant war against wrong and injustice and there is no better weapon than wisdom (We don't have money, weapons and united leaders) which can be achieved through practice and patience. He once said - "the battle to me is a matter of joy. The battle is in the fullest sense spiritual. There is nothing material or social in it. For ours is a battle not for wealth or for power.It is a battle for freedom. It is a battle for the reclamation of the human personality."

Wisdom is evolved through right concentration of mind and morality only leads to right concentration of mind. Babasaheb had all these three. He was impeccable in his morality which gave him tremendous concentration and contol over mind. This led naturally to wisdom with which he fought against all devils in Indian society.

Morality leads to concentration and wisdom is the natural outcome of concentrated mind. He understood this law of nature which he wanted us to understand too. There was no other way he thought than embracing the philosophy of the Buddha. Buddha has given a step by step procedure for the total liberation and emancipation against all odds and adversities through development of wisdom. Indeed, he was the first in world history to emphasize on training of mind.

Equality for all and friendliness with everyone is in the forefront of Buddha's philosophy which is the global requirment of the day if the leaders are seeking peace and harmony on earth.

Dr Babasaheb ranks top in the list of social reformers not only because he liberated neglected lot from clutches of cruelty but also because he revived Buddhism. Hitherto Buddha's great philosophy was masked by caste based Hindu philosophy in this wonderland India and we can see the results today in every feild. It is time now that we fathom the depths of Buddha's Dhamma and in real sense educate,unite and fight the evils before mother India and our children become prey to their nastiness. After all we don't want to be looked down upon by future generations like we do our earlier generations for caving in to Hindu Hooliganism. Remember if we don't take lessons from the history and take corrective steps, history repeats itself.

We are indebted to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar for leading us to path of Dhamma - the way out to total liberation.

JaiBhim & metta.

Anil Borkar

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