Amnesty raps India on Dalits

London, July 26: A damning Amnesty International report on racism around the world has attacked India for its "hidden apartheid" against 160 million Dalits, who belong to the socially underprivileged classes.

"Despite the abolition of untouchability, Dalits continue to be discriminated on the basis of their descent," Amnesty said in its report. "They are marginalised, particularly in rural areas," the report said. "Among the violations persistently reported are torture including rape, arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial executions."

Amnesty said Dalits also suffer violence in the community. "Abuses against Dalits frequently go unpunished, with local police frequently refusing to record complaints by Dalits," Amnesty said.

"Much evidence points towards a connivance between powerful caste groups and the police in violent attacks against Dalits," Amnesty said.

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Referred by:Mukundan CM
Published on: July 27, 2001
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