Assuming Dalit Vs non-Dalit controversy


Resentment has been brewing in Rajasthan police and administrative services officers over Ajmer Suprintendent of Police Alok Tripathi being slapped by a ruling party Congress MLA Babulal Singharia on Saturday. And quite predictably, the issue has assumed a 'Dalit Vs non-Dalit' colour as different sections of Dalit community came out in support of Mr Singharia.

In a protest meeting held in Ajmer, over 60 gazzeted officers strongly condemned the incident and demanded Sigharia's expulsion from state assembly. The officers, however, expressed satisfaction over the action taken by State Government against the MLA. The officers were of the view that there should be a strong law to deal with such incidents. After meeting, all the officers called on the SP Tripathi and assured all supportto him.

The officers formed an action committee and wanted an action against another ruling party legislature Quyam Khan for allegedly supporting Mr Singharia.

The agitated officers also resolved not to attend any meeting in which Mr Singharia is invited. But to everyone's surprise, the IPS officers association has maintained its studied silence over the manhandling of Mr Tripathi.

According to sources, the association is divided on caste lines and some of the members were reluctant in speaking against the MLA.

In Kekari, the constituency represented by Mr Singharia, Congress workers burnt his effigy and appreciated the government action against him, but he found sympathisers in some of the scheduled caste organisations and in the MLAs from reserved constituencies. All India Raiger Mahasabha and Ambedekar Memorial Society lent their full support to Mr Singharia and sought action against the IPS, Alok Tripathi.

These Dalit organisations also criticised the ruling Congress party for suspending the MLA. Mukesh Valmiki, president of Arkshit Varg Mahasangh, said that action should be taken against the SP.

According to sources, some Dalit MLAs wanted to openly support Mr Singharia but sensing that the merit of the case evidently going against the MLA, they are silent.

Cheif Minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday immediately informed the AICC incharge of the State, Mahavir Prasad, who himself is a dalit leader and Mr Prasad consented to the suspension of MLA Babulal Singharia. Through this decision, the Congress party sending a clear message that no one would be allowed to take law in one's hands.

In Rajasthan, the practice of transfer and posting business is the main reason for such incidents.

Many of the ruling party leaders are indulged in the business and they argue that the Dalits should get officers of their choice. Most of these branded officers are said to be corrupt. Whenever they do not get lucrative posting, they use their caste brethen to raise hue and cry.

It has become very clear that whenever such voices are raised, the officers from a particular section prevented are shunted.

Surprisingly, these so-called Dalit leaders never raised the real issues of common Dalits. Even many serious cases of Dalit atrocities did not get attention of such leaders.

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Referred by: Mukandan CM
Published on: July 6, 2001
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