BC leaders red over Rajnath quota move

New Delhi, Aug 3: The Backward Class leaders of BJP in Uttar Pradesh have once again raised a banner of revolt against the Chief minister, Rajnath Singh over his quota within quota card.

A majority of the BC Ministers in the UP Cabinet, MPs and MLAs are contemplating moving the EC against the Chief Minister's most backward card.

The leaders are demanding that the State government either increase the overall reservation quota in the State or withdraw the decision. In another major development, the Backward Commission in the State reportedly went against the Chief Minister's decision on Friday. It was claimed that the Commission was not consulted by the State administration, while coming up with the reservation for MBCs. Of the total 27 per cent reservation, the Chief Minister has reserved 15 per cent for the most backwards. The backward leaders are demanding that if the Chief Minister implemented the quota within quota, he should raise the total reservation for the backwards from 27 per cent to 39 per cent.

It was learnt that the BC ministers and legislators were planning a signature campaign against the Chief Minister's decision, to be submitted to the EC. The BC leaders claimed that the Chief Minister's move was "not for the upliftment of the MBCs, but was taken in view of the forthcoming Assembly elections in the State.

However, before moving the EC, the Backward Class leaders, intend to issue a "final warning," to the BJP's central leadership. Armed with documents substantiating "legal flaws," and "possible flare up of caste based violence, the BC leaders were likely to call on the top brass of the BJP's central leadership, shortly.

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Referred by: Mukundan C.M.
Published on:August 4, 2001
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