BJP activists intimidate Book Seller

On 27th evening there was a meeting to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. Salim Saboowala who sells progressive/ Dalit literature had put up his stall. He sells books on the issues of Human Rights of Weaker Sections of Society, civil Liberties, Caste and gender issue. As a matter of fact he is one of the most sought after bookseller at all the progressive meetings because probably he is a unique person combining the role of a human rights activist and seller of the literature on these issues. That day the BJP activists saw his book-books by Periyar (Sacchi Ramayan), Books by Dr. Ambedkar (Riddles of Hinduism) and many such titles of which they are scared as they expose the nature of Brahmanism, the ideology, which is at the root of their politics of Hindutva and Hindu Rashtra. They complained to the police, who apprehended Salim and detained him in the police station. The charge against him was that he selling literature, which will increase the social tensions. Most of these are very popular books (except amongst the followers of Sangh Parivar). The in charge inspector, without any valid charge detained him till 3 A.M. in the police station, did nor permit him to use the phone and when could not make any case against him released him but not before confiscating many of his books and also searching his house for books of 'objectionable' nature.

On 1st May at 11 A.M. many a Human Rights activists joined a largish morcha organized by Vidrohi Sanskritik Chalval and marched to Kherwadi police station demanding the suspension of the concerned police official and return of the books of Saboowala.

Referred by: R.R.Punyani
Published on: May 4, 2001
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