BJP finds China new frontier of Hinduism

New Delhi, June 4: After Nepal, the Bharatiya Janata Party has discovered another “frontier” of Hindutva. This time it is the Communist China.

A delegation of the BJP, which went for a 12 day tour of China has found out that the Communist nation can be called as a “frontier of Hindutva.”

The party mouthpiece BJP Today in its June issue tried to argue the proximity between the “Indian Hindus” and “Buddhist Chinese.” In its bid to drive home the argument, editor Praful Goradia in the editorial stated that even those Chinese who do not believe in religion, “liked” Buddhism. “For Hindus, Lord Buddha is the tenth avataar of Vishnu and Buddhism is a sibling faith,” the editorial stated.

It then went on to claim: “Some call Buddhism a casteless improvement of Sanatan dharma...the main point is that Karma is crucial and nirvana is the goal. China is therefore a frontier of Hindutva.”

The editorial pointed out further similarities which included eating habits, that is vegetarian food. “Every city had Buddhist restaurants, which served typically local cuisine but strictly vegetarian, even excluding eggs,” the BJP mouthpiece observed.

In its search for Hindutva in China, the saffron delegation discovered that the common Chinese were unaware of India and Indians but all of them knew the term Hindu. “Evidently the common Chinese know Hindu but, not necessarily Indian,” the editorial mentioned.

The editorial claimed that Buddhism “had been made to ebb during the heyday of Mao Ze-dong. But it has since survived.” Another article stated even though India and China should have had a closer relation, Pakistan came in between.

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Source: finds China new frontier of Hinduism
Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: June 6, 2001
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