BSP makes headway in Raichur

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It seems that the common man has grown wise at last. After several years of believing in election-time assurances and being disappointed later on, the public has finally seen the light.

This wisdom shines through in the Raichur municipal council polls, which prove that it is not the party, it is not the caste, creed, liquor or money but the man who is more important. It is the ability to respond to the common man's needs and the track record of having done some concrete work to help the common man which has attracted the votes here this time.

In Raichur Congress has won 67 seats of the total 120 seats. BJP is limited to Raichur and the Dal factions have gone without a trace in most of the places. BSP has something to look forward in the future.

The Congress has bloomed in Manvi, Sindhanur and Lingasur. Mudgal Kote is the only one that the Dal has survived. And for most the Congress rebel candidates have ruled. In totality no party has achieved a majority.

Congress infighting and favouritism while distributing the tickets has been the cause for its downfall. Of the 12 successful independents, 10 are Congress rebel candidates, which clearly shows that dictatorship hardly works and favoritism stands nowhere.

As far as the two Janata Dal factions are concerned, here too people have been very clear that it does not support people who split the party to further their personal cause. The undivided Janata Dal which had won 11 seats in Raichur in the last elections, now has no more than one or two seats to its name.

The BJP campaigning gimmicks has not yielded the expected results and the party has had to be satisfied with the fact that at least it has not lost any seats as compared to the last elections.

Lok Shakti is a new party but the party men were quite known to the people and were rejected.

The BSP has made headway in the district; obviously the fruit of labour as the party had worked quite hard to win the respect of the common man. Which only goes to show that people remember sincere work and good work will be appreciated accordingly. The success of BSP shows the other parties that hard work and united stance of the party is observed and rewarded by the common man.

The Congress has retained power in Lingasgur Pattana Panchayat and the same number of seats in the district, which proves that the former union minister Basavaraj Patil Anwari still commands quite a lot of respect in the district. Meanwhile, Mudgal Kote has remained faithful to the Dal factions which posed a united front.

Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 8, 2001
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