Bastee dwellers flay demolition of Adivasi homes


AHMEDABAD: Bastee dwellers near the Sabarmati railway colony are up in arms against the railway administration for demolishing shanties of some Adivasis which encroached on official land.

About 1000-odd Adivasis, who are left homeless, have united under the banner of Bandhkam Mazdoor Sangathan and threatened to resort to agitation if their demand for construction of homes under 'Renbasera' scheme of the state government are not met forthwith.

The organisation has claimed that railway officials as well as the railway protection force had been collecting bribes for letting the Adivasis occupy the railway land. "Despite paying the 'unofficial charges' to allow us occupy this piece of land beside the Sabarmati railway tracks, we were evicted soon after the railway authorities received a letter to remove encroachment from their higher ups," they alleged.

Following demolition of the shanties, a delegation led by the Sangathan secretary, Varsha Patel, met the inspector of works (western railways, Ahmedabad). Telegrams have also been shot to the divisional manager, divisional engineer (railways) and the local MP Rajubhai Parmar requesting an immediate inquiry into this issue. The agitationists have also said that they should not be evicted from the present site of their homes and that they be given houses under the 'Renbasera' scheme.

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Referred by:Mukundan CM
Published on: July 19, 2001
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