Bill on municipal bodies in tribal areas introduced in RS

HT Corrspondent

New Delhi, July 30

Urban Development Minister Jagmohan today introduced a Bill in the Rajya Sabha aimed at extending provisions of municipal bodies in areas where scheduled tribes live.

Senior Congress leader Pranab Mukherji objected to the Bill. He wanted to know what compelled such a measure when the traditional system was functioning fine. And also what the expected benefits of such a legislation were and whether sentiments of tribals had been taken into consideration. He feared that the alien system of administration could spark off an agitation. "Let us not try to create additional problems. This should not ignite fire where there is none ," Mukherji stated .

Jagmohan said that the Bill was based on the recommendations of a committee, headed by tribal expert Dilip Singh Bhuria. The Centre had also sought the state governments' views on the Bill and they were agreeable to it, he said.

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: July 30, 2001
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