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"Our Indian Sub-Continent Heritage", by GS Thind of Burnaby, BC will officially be released on Sunday, February 18, 2001 at 3:30 PM at Shri Guru Ravidass Community Center, 7271 Gilley Avenue, Burnaby, BC.

In this book, Thind provides a survey of significant aspects of Indian history, culture and contributions, and develops a linkage between current and past practices of South Asians living in India and abroad.

Through 648 pages of pictures and text, Thind articulates in English the ancient history of the Indian Sub-Continent from aborigines that were Dravidian and Nagas of the Moenjondro era to the Aryan epoch, Vedic, Brahaminical, Buddhist, Muslim and British periods. While the source and period of Aryan migration to Indian sub-continent may be controversial, Thind's deduction is as follows: the Aryans poured into India about 3200 BC, whereas the Aborigines' civilization such as that at Moenjodro and Harrapa must have come into existence two or three thousand years before the Aryan migration into India.

Chapters covered in "Our Indian Sub-Continent Heritage" include prehistoric and Vedic past; Moenjodro and Harrappa; early names of India; Origin of Aryan, Ashoka, caste system and degradation of women; Ambedkar; Jalianwala Bagh; and Sikh Immigration to Canada.

According to Arlis Pecker, a school principal, "Our Indian Sub-Continent Heritage" is a "meticulous research over the past eleven years, which involved extensive excursions to many countries. In particular, Thind shows great empathy with the plight of the "Harijans", and stands courageously for equal status, rights, and opportunities for all and especially for his people of India". By highlighting role Ambedkar played in abolishing untouchability and the resistence displayed by Gandhi, Thind does justice to Ambedkar's lifelong contributions and struggles and refutes arguments such as those presented in Ashourie's "Worshipping False Gods".

At a time such as now when people of Indian origin living outside of India are struggling to establish their identities and are debating whether, for example, they should be called Indians, Canadians, Indo-Canadians, or South Asians, this book will prove to be helpful in understanding complex traditions, cultures, and religious backgrounds of people of India.

"Our Indian Sub-Continet Heritage" will be available for $25 at the book launching ceremony.

For further information, please call:

Jai Birdi at 604-250-5143 or Anup Jhalli at 604-671-1069.

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Published on: February 18, 2001
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