Brahmins resent President's stance

KAKINADA: The Brahmana Seva Sangham at its emergency executive meeting held here on Monday with PSRK Thimmaji Rao, president in the chair, has expressed its resentment over the interference of the President of India on the relaxation of qualifying marks to be given in the entrance examination of medical college for the candidates belonging to Scheduled Castes.

In a resolution, it has expressed the view that after Independence two generations have crossed and the weaker sections have taken full advantage of reservations, formed into a creamy layer upgrading intelligence level and capabilities to compete with other segments. As such, it has opined that there is no reason and justification to claim reservation further.

In has pointed out that the claim of the President of India that the claimants of SC and STs lacked modern competitive techniques was vague, irrelevent and untenable. The association opined that the President of India should be conscious that he represents the entire population of the country and should not be swayed by petty, narrow, parochial considerations. identifying himself with a section of people.

The meeting has appealed to the Prime Minister not to yield to the pressures from the President of India in the larger interests of the people.

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Referred by: Sashi Kanth
Published on: June 20, 2001
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