British Columbia Donates $83,000

Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha Receives $83,000 (Canadian) from the Provincial Government of British Columbia

Vancouver (Jai Birdi): The 110th birth anniversary celebrations of Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar were recently organised at Shri Guru Ravidass Community Centre in Vancouver, Canada and were attended by patrons from all over British Columbia, a western province of Canada.

Political dignitaries who also attended these celebrations included Premier of British Columbia Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh, Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism Hon, Sue Hammel, local MLA Mr. Fred Randall, MP Udai Singh (MP Phoolan Devi's husband) from India, and other visiting MLA's from Punjab, India. MP Phoolan Devi was expected to attend, but for some unforeseeable circumstances, was unable to participate in the celebrations.

In his tribute to Dr. Ambedkar, Premier Dosanjh described Ambedkar as a leader of not only India's Dalits, but also a leader for all Indians. "Ambedkar's contributions to India's freedom struggle, for the betterment of women, and removal of barriers for the Dalits is a remarkable legacy", continued Dosanjh.

Dosanjh also praised Guru Ravidass for his message of social equality which implies that it would make Him (Guru Ravidass) happy to see a kingdom where every one has enough to eat.

Another highlight of these celebrations includes Hon. Dosanjh's announcement of a funding grant in the amount of over $83,000 to Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha. The grant was awarded to the Sabha to conduct renovations to an intercultural centre that the Sabha is planning to construct. The proposed centre will provide a facility to community groups for holding community forums, for seniors meetings, and for delivering educational programs to children, youth, and adults.

The intercultural centre will form a part of the Shri Guru Ravidass Community Centre located at 7271 Gilley Avenue, Burnaby, BC. CANADA.

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Published on: May 14, 2001
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