Buddha chariot in Delhi

New Delhi, August 1

THE CHARIOT of Buddhism launched by the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations has arrived in Delhi after spreading the message of a casteless society in 13 states. The chariot named Dhamma Vahana was launched on April 14 from Delhi and has already covered Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa, Chhatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajas-than, Punjab, Jammu and Himachal Pradesh. Ram Raj, the national chairman of the confederation, stated that unless all divisions in society were done away with any attempt to take the path of progress would be futile.

He added that caste system was the basic structure on which other structures like politics economics culture etc. were dependent.

"In India when a child is born he is not born as an Indian but as a chamar, dhobi, brahmin, rajput, baniya etc. Hence it is natural that voters would elect their caste candidate whether he is corrupt, a criminal or rich or poor," said Ram Raj. The Dhamma Vahana will be proceeding to Uttaranchal and western Uttar Pradesh.

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Referred by: Mukundan C.M.
Published on:August 2, 2001
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