Call for caste-free society

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Even in this modern age, atrocities on Dalits have continued for trivial reasons, Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution V Srinivas Prasad regretted.

Speaking after inaugurating the 110th anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar organised by BHEL-EDN SC/STs Uplift Union here on Friday, he said that the society should be re-organised based on equality and absence of casteism, as per Dr Ambedkar’s dream. “When I visit foreign countries, some times, I repent being born here”, he added.

He called upon people to come forward and fight for their rights and utilise the opportunities enabling the fulfilment of Dr Ambedkar’s dream.

Referring to the difficulties which confront dalits during their struggle, Mr Prasad, who is also a dalit noted “If I speak about the loopholes in society, people would accuse me of breeding hatredness. If others speak, they would be called as social reformers.”

Women and Child Devel-opment Minister Motamma wondered why reforms and programmes of the government has not brought in any notable change to the living conditions of the people.

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: June 4, 2001
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