Chariot yatra to fight casteism

New Delhi, April 13: With a view to campaign against the prevalent caste system and bring the people on a common platform through the teachings of Buddha, the All India Confederation of SC and ST Organisations will launch a Dhamma Vahan (Chariot) from Delhi on Saturday.

Talking to the media persons here on Friday, national chairman of the Confederation Ram Raj said the chariot will be launched in the presence of former prime minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh and will travel through the northern and central States in the next seven months. The exercise will culminate in a gathering of 10 lakh people in the capital on October 14, he said.

Amongst those who will lead the exercise are former BSP president Daya Ram Pal and founder of BAMCEF Ram Samujh who announced that they were leaving their past linkages and joining the confederation. The two leaders said that they have left their former organisations because the leadership of these organisations has moved away from the cause undertaken by them.

Pal said, “Initially it appeared that the BSP will be useful in making a society of equals, but later this proved to be a myth. Those who claimed to establish a Bahujan Samaj themselves started spreading casteism. When I saw that the fight for the Dalits cannot be fought from there, I stopped getting involved. ’’

A statement by the Confederation said, “Most of us talk about the pitiable state of the country but fail to identify the real cause. Those who claim to be nationalists without contemplating the removal of the caste system are dishonest.’’

Ram Raj said, “The Dalits should stop discriminating against each other and unite. Only then can we hope for a substantial change in the social psych

Referred by: Benjamin Paul
Published on: April 16, 2001
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