Clashes as Dalits stopped at tap

Kothapalli (Kurnool), April 21: Dalits clashed with upper caste villagers in Singarajupalle village in Kothapalli mandal of Kurnool district when they were prevented from drawing water at a public borewell on Saturday. The Dalits had been banned from collecting water at the tap. The upper castes led by Ravi Prakash Reddy, Chinna Thimma Reddy and Venkataramana Reddy assaulted Nakka Sampath, Swamy and a few others. This led to a clash where both groups used blunt weapons.

The Kothapalli police rushed to the village to calm the groups. Meanwhile, tension prevailed in Beluguppa, Anantapur, when a group of Dalits entered temples in the village on Saturday.

Upper caste residents tried to prevent the Dalits, leading to a tense situation. Some women pleaded with the Caste Annihilation Committee, which is leading a movement to end the ostracisation of Dalits, not to desecrate temples by forcing the entry of Dalits.

In turn, the CACís leaders asked the police to register cases against those raising objections. ASP G V G Ashok Kumar had to intervene and explain the law to the upper castes and forcefully clear them to make way for the Dalits. As part of the CACís call, Dalits entered temples in Yerragudi, Yerragudi Kottala and Beluguppa villages on Saturday.

Referred by: Benjamin Paul
Published on: April 23, 2001
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