DSS plans stir over quota

CHITRADURGA,OCT 21: The Dalit Sangharsh Samithi has resolved to organise a padayatra on December 18 to pressurise the State government for internal reservations in the state for the backward castes and tribes.

"The Sangharsha Samithi, besides holding several protests,rallies and strikes at the district and state-levels, has even had numerous talks with the government about the reservations but no satisfactory decisions have come out of them"said N.Shivanna at a press conference held recently. He also informed that the Samithi would submit a memorandum to the chief minister on December 28 and if the government failed to take any action ,a movement would be organised to bring down the government .

Mr Shivanna regretted that although the Dalit Sangharsh Samithi had asked the government for equivalent position for the S.C\S.T engineers in the P.W.D and Irrigation departments instead of demotions as per the existing supreme court order,the government has failed to take any action on this issue. Reiterating his support to the ongoing satyagraha being staged by the S.C\S.T engineers in the Bannappa park, Mr Shivanna also informed that a semi-naked procession would be organised in Bangalore and all district headquarters on Oct 30.

Blaming the Krishna government of zero acheivements, convenor Mr Mavalli Shankar accused his government of only atrocities against the backward castes and tribes.

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Referred by:: Benjamin P Kaila
Published on:22 oct, 2001
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