DSS seeks exclusive reservation

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HASSAN, Jan 10

The Dalit Sangharsha Samiti (DSS) has urged the government to set up a commission immediately to provide exclusive reservation for sub-castes within the existing reservation quotas for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes.

In a discussion organised by the Samiti here on Wednesday, Mr N Giriappa, who presided the meet, said that reservation should be given to all the castes in the country based on their population size.

He said that he envisaged a country, free from oppression and caste. Convenor of the Samiti Sridhar Kaliveer said that the DSS would fight for exclusive reservation for Madigas under existing quotas. He also called for putting an end to the differences between the various class in the society.

The DSS would also fight against injustices being done against the Bovi, Lambani, Koracha and Korama communities.

Kannada Reader Dr M S Shekhar of Hemagangotri opined that there should be no step- motherly attitude when providing reservations to backward communities.

District Adi Jambava Sangha President K Venkataiah spoke on the occasion and said that keeping the educational and societal needs, reservations should be made considering the population size of the caste as this would lead to equity in the society. He called for co-operation from all the communities on this matter.

Lecturer H R Swamy, District Chief Secretary of Madiga Dandoora Meesalati Horata H P Shankar Raj, DSS unit convenor H R Swamy and others spoke on the occassion.

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