Dalit Protest in San Francisco and Vancouver

Dalits living in San Francisco, California, USA and Vancouver in Canada organized Dalits protests to show their solidarity with Global Action Day on July 3rd 2001. While Mohan S. Gill and Kewal Krishan Saroha led the demonstration in San Francisco, Sutey Ahir and Jai Virdi staged demonstration in Vancouver. Memorandums were handed out to the Consul Generals of both places. Mohan Gill has described caste-based discriminations as one of the most heinous crimes committed on humanity and appealed the global community to show their solidarity with the victims of this kind of crime based on casteism.

Both Jai Virdi and Sutey Ahir of Vancouver, Canada have emphasized that caste based discriminations are worse than the racial discrimination. They criticized the efforts of hypostatic people who are trying to block the move of Dalits to consider casteism as another form of racism in the forthcoming United Nations' World Conference on Racism to be held Durban. They made a worldwide appeal to join Dalits and their sympathizers in their struggle for the just cause in Durban conference 2001.

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Source:Dr. K.P. Singh
Referred by: Dr. K.P. Singh
Published on: July 8, 2001
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