Dalit Protest in Chicago

Dr. Rahul Deepankar registers the Dalits Protest with Indian Ambassador to USA

A public meeting of more than 400 NRIs was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Rahul Deepankar at Chicago, USA on July 3rd, 2001. The gathering had representatives from about a dozen NRI organizations belonging to different communities. The meeting was attended and addressed by Indian Ambassador to USA Shri Lalit Mansingh as well as U.S. Congressman Mark Krik who is also a member of Indian Caucus in U.S. Congress.

Dr. Deepankar not only addressed the issues of caste prejudices, marginalization of Dalits and growing caste violence but also presented the Indian Ambassador with written representation of protest against the Indian Government's resistance to inclusion of caste discussion at the U.N. Conference being held in Sept. 2001 at Durban, South Africa.

The Ambassador Mr. Lalit Mansingh expressed his support to the cause of Dalits and promised to forward the representation to the Government of India. It is heartening to see that people all over the world are being made aware of the pathetic conditions of Dalits in India by the efforts like that of Dr. Rahul Deepankar, who has worked tirelessly in India and USA for last 30 years. It is time to recognize that the Dalits have supporters all over the world, and the accumulative power generated by all activists will make the cycle of social change in India irreversible.

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Dr. Rahul Deepankar, M.D.


Dr. K.P. Singh, Ph.D.


Attached is a copy of the representation given to Indian Ambassador Mr. Lalit Mansingh. This representation was given to him along with the collectively prepared charter of demands.


July 3, 2001

His Excellency Shri Lalit Mansingh

Ambassador of India

Washington, DC 20008

Ref.: Appeal to Indian Government on United Nations Conference "Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.

Your Excellency:

United Nations Human Rights cell is holding a worldwide conference on the above-mentioned subject in September 2001 at Durban, South Africa. We the members and representatives of New Republic India believe that just like racism, the caste system of South Asia represents discrimination based on characteristics beyond an individual's control. As a result, more than 250 million people are subjected to discrimination, exclusion and violence on the basis of their birth caste.

We are proud of India's tradition of supporting the just causes at the international level, whether it is disarmament, saving the environment, racial discrimination or oppression of women and children. The constitution of our great nation of India reflects similar values, which provide for freedom from discrimination based on case, creed, and religion or race.

We the members and representatives of New Republic Indian, along with several other NRI community groups urge the Government of India to insure the inclusion of discussion of the caste system as a part of the above said conference. We hope, with full faith in your wisdom and kindness, that our views will be duly received and recognized by the Government of India through your efforts.

Thank you very much


Dr. Rahul Deepankar, MD President, N.R.I

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