Dalit X'ians demand redressal of grievances

Deccan Herald

Hyderabad, July 11: The Dalit Christian Front on Wednesday urged the World Conference on Racism to recognise Dalit human rights and caste as a reality, condemn indiscriminatory practices of untouchability and demand the fundamental right of religion to all Dalits. The Front held a State-level seminar on racism and casteism here to discuss issues like Dalit solidarity, Dalits and religious freedom, Dalits and globalisation, racism and casteism and world conference on racism at Durban in September.

It also prepared an action plan to take up the Dalit cause at various national and international fora.

James Massey, former member of National Minorities Commission, Professor Kancha Ilaiah of Osmania University, Fr Lourduswamy, executive secretary of Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Bennet Benjamin, president of Dalit Solidarity Party, south India, Sleeva Galleli, DCF convener, P Suresh DCF coordinator, Professor Anthoniraj and A X J Bosco, former provincial of Jesuits, and others participated in the seminar.

Later, briefing reporters about the seminar deliberations, James Massey and Ilaiah urged the World Conference on Racism to include a thorough discussion on the Indian caste system. They alleged that Brahminism had been forcing Hindus to convert to other religions. They demanded that the Centre withdraw the 1950's Presidential Order which bars converted Dalits from enjoying the facility of reservations.

A delegation of Dalit leaders will participate in the Durban conference. The DCF will organise a semi-nude demonstration in the city next week in support of the resolutions adopted at the meeting.

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Published on: July 12, 2001
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