Dalits banished for drawing water from village well

VISAKHAPATNAM: The situation in Varada village in K.Kotapadu mandal, where the Dalits are subjected to discrimination by the upper castes, is becoming worse with their banishment entering the 66th day on Tuesday.

The Kula Vivaksha Vyatireka Porata Committee took a group of mediapersons to the village today to apprise them of the prevailing situation.

The discrimination of the Dalits has been there for the past many decades. Nevertheless, a group of Dalits fetched drinking water from the village well recently inviting the wrath of the upper caste people, who banished the Dalits from the village.

Botsa Yerraiah, a Dalit, said even the BCs stopped using the well, from which water was drawn by the Dalits. He also complained that the upper caste men were also beating the Dalits who went to fetch cattle-feed and firewood.

The Dalits regretted that no action was taken despite complaints to the police and appealed to the State Government to arrest the upper caste men responsible for this.

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Referred by: Mukandan CM
Published on: June 28, 2001
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