Dalits urged to fight `neo-Brahminism'

The Times of India News Service

MYSORE: Progressive writer and activist K. Ramdas on Wednesday urged the Dalits to rise against `neo-Brahminism'.

Delivering a valedictory address at the two-day seminar on `Dalits and the challenges before them' organised by Dalit Studies Centre of Hampi Kannada University, he said there is a need for all the revolutionary forces, irrespective of their hue and colour, to unite.

``Globalisation lacks the human and social values. The concept, which supports mechanical and material values in life, has to be discarded and opposed,'' he said.

Accusing Indian industrialists and businessmen of becoming partners in the new set-up, Ramdas said there is no truth in the government's claims that there is no danger to the interests of the poor and the downtrodden in the globalised economy .

``The privatisation of various sectors will deny jobs to the downtrodden who are not well-equipped to compete with their counterparts in the urban areas.

``This being the case, how can the governments claim that globalisation will be good for Dalits and the poor,'' he said.

Accepting globalisation will imply denying the Dalits an equal share in the development as enshrined in the Constitution.

Ramdas said the progressive and revolutionary organisations are at crossroads on the course of action to be adopted. ``It is time they unite and eradicate caste system, which is a bane of the society,'' he added.

He chided the Dalits for being `reluctant to share the benefits of reservation' with their fellowmen.

He said the so-called revolutionaries among the downtrodden who have tasted power have either gone underground or become inactive .``This doesn't augur well for their movement,'' he cautioned.

Kannada University Vice-chancellor Lakkappagowda presided. Writers Devanuru Mahadeva, Arvind Malgatti and B.V. Karanth spoke.

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Published on: June 2, 2001
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