Daugther-in-law sues Advani for threat to her life

New Delhi, Oct. 4: Gauri Advani, daugher-in-law of Union Home Minister L K Advani, has approached the Delhi High Court against India’s Deputy High Commissioner in London Hardeep Puri as also her father-in-law for placing illegal restraint on her liberty and threatening her with death.

She has petitioned the court to direct the Delhi Police to register a criminal complaint against India’s Deputy High Commissioner in London.

She said she was threatened with death in case she does not conceded to the demand of the Home Minister, as alleged by the accused, to quitely agree for divorce with Jayant Advani, son of the Home Minister.

She was even threatened with dire consequences and extended harm and injury to her person, property and reputation, she said in her petition filed before a two-judge bench of Delhi High Court consisting of Justice Usha Mehra and Justice C K Mahajan.

Gauri, a lawyer by profession, currently working for a solicitor’s firm in London, alleged the Delhi Police under pressure from the Home Ministry is refusing to register a First Information Report at Tilak Marg police station even though she has already posted a written complaint with the police station and is in possession of the acknowledgement of the registered letter she sent to the police to this effect.

In the petition she said she is a solicitor by profession and is currently working in London. She had got married to Jayant Advani, the son of L K Advani on December 10, 1991.

According to the petition, H S Puri called up on numerous times at the residence and office of the petitioner and left messages that the petitioner should contact him as her was carrying some urgent mesage from New Delhi.

Bonafidely believing the accussed, the petitioner met him in his office on November 7, 2000. The petitioner was informed that the accused has the mandate of the Home Minister of India to discuss the matter regarding her marriage with his son and the Home Minister has authorised him to discuss the marital status/personal and intimate details of her life.

Petitioner objected to discussing the matter with the accussed on the ground that he being a stranger and outsider, the petitioner would not discuss her marital/personal matter with him, she said in her complaint.

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Referred by: Benjamin P Kaila
Published on:Oct 5, 2001
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