Dawaram's appointment as joint STF chief challenged

CHENNAI: Even as a special task force (STF) led by recalled police officer W I Dawaram began its operations on Thursday to catch forest brigand Veerappan, three petitions were filed in the Madras High Court challenging his appointment as chief of the joint STF.

The Peoples' Union for Civil Liberty, Peoples' Watch and Society for Community Organisation Trust, in separate public interest litigations (PILs), submitted that the appointment of Devaram was contrary to the scheme of the Police Act 1861 and Tamil Nadu Police Act 1859, and militated against public policy and the executive hierarchy of the police establishment.

The PILs contended the appointments had also been made overlooking the record of the officer, who allegedly committed serious human rights violations and was yet to be exonerated of the charges.

The petitioners sought to declare as void the appointment of Dawaram, a retired director general of police who had relentlessly cracked down on the outlaw during service tenure, as chief of the joint STF.

They also prayed for the court to consequently direct the state chief secretary not to appoint Dawaram or any another other person as chief of the joint STF.

They also sought a direction to restrain Dawaram from acting as chief of the joint STF, constituted by the state government, or in any manner to intervene in its operations till disposal of the PILs. (PTI)

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Referred by: Mukandan CM
Published on: June 23, 2001
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