Delay in announcing reservation causing anxiety

SHIMOGA: The State Government is yet to release the list of reservation for the president and vice-president posts of various city and town municipalities even after a fortnight has passed since the date of announcement of the results.

The delay has not only caused anxiety among the prospective candidates for the coveted posts but also initiated a debate among the public on who would become first citizen of a town or city.

Shimoga is no exception. While the elected members are making frequent trips to Bangalore and other places, public are involved in hot discussions on who would be the next president.

Though the Congress does not have a clear majority it is vying for the president’s post in its capacity as the ruling party in the State. It can buy the number of members to reach a clear majority, points out a State unit office-bearer.

Even before the dust raised by the election of Renukamma and Umesh, who were elected as independents and later joined the Congress as co-members, is yet to be settled, more are expected to join it, points out the district president of the Congress Mir Ajeej Ahmed.

‘‘Many members who were elected as independents have approached me and the other leaders in the party seeking to join the Congress. We welcome all those who come without any precondition. Our doors are always open. We may consider giving them any post only after they serve for some time,’’ he adds.

Meanwhile, six of the newly elected councilors have formed an Okkoota for the ‘welfare of the city’. They have come closer to give ‘honest and disciplined administration’. They include Annapurna Kalachar, D M Ramaiah, B Gurunath, Nirmala Kashi, Parviz Ahmed and Rekha Chandrashekhar.

All are independents. But two are BJP rebels and one is an IUML supported person. Rest are independents. Whether they are really desirous to take acre of the city’s welfare is something that only time can tell . But, the people believe that they have come closer to lobby for atleast vice-president’s post in the municipal council.

Ajeej Ahmed expressed surprise over six of the councilors forming an Okkoota.

Asked about the reservation of the posts he said: ‘‘There was no indication about the issue. The Cabinet sub-committee has to take the decision.’’

In the Shimoga municipality, the presidents’ post was reserved to general category and the SC category in the earlier two terms. This time it may go to BCM category.

Or atleast that is the wishful thinking of some of the councilors. B A Ramesh, who was elected on Congress ticket from BCM (B) reservation is vying for the coveted post. Hailing from Vokkaliga community he has already used his influence to impress upon the Vokkaliga leaders through the Adichunchanagiri seer Balagangadharanatha Swamy.

But, another senior member Suresh Kumar too is vying for the post, who also comes under the BCM (B) category, but elected on GC.

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Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 21, 2001
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