1% Fascists Are Enough To Make A Difference.

May be a good number of hindus are secular in India. But the way the things are happening, a mere 1% nazi activists among them are sufficient to drown the nation in the dung pit of fascism.Certainly the hindu fascists are not just 1%,if one looks at the electoral gains.

It needs just one Bal Thakeray to activate the nazi cultural police.He is now the ultimate arbitor of Indian culture.He decides whether a girl goes for a date or not. He decides whether shops will be allowed to sell Valentine's day card's which are to be sent as expression of love,friendship or relationship.

The Shiv Sainiks ,the Bajrangdal and the Hindu Jagran Manch has already enforced strict dress codes for girls.The school authorities now follow the dictum of the hindu fascists. What a pity for the nation!All in the name of culture.


The images of the Kumbh Mela were flashed across the globe through the media .The naked swamis with their erect genitals and swords placed at the most odd places were the most pictured objects.The newspapers and magazines showed pictures of foreign ladies who joined the nudies to take a dip.One leading English magazine stated that the naga sanyasins and the nude ladies were the most sought after things at the Kumbh by the journalists.

The VHP,Shiv Sena ,RSS and the Bajrangdal were major promoters of this festival.The display of nudity 'was in tune with great Indian traditions and culture'. There were attacks against journalists for exposing this to the world.There have been reports that cases have been filed against publications who published these images.Now is this Indian culture?


There are numerous laws in India which prohibit and penalise public nudity.Even a gesticulation to a woman with malice is culpable.Indecent Representation of Women Act deals with the subject. However not a single swami or sadhoo among the thousands who parade absolutely naked has been arrested ,charged or even been denounced.When it comes to girls wearing jeans or celebrating Valentine's day ,it is a crime in the eyes of the hindu nazis.


The fascists under Mussolini were not in the majority in Italy nor were the nazis in Germany.There were only black shirt gangs and thugs engaged in street violence just as the sanik's and the bajrangdal. They went on with their anti-social activities in the name of culture and upcoming revival of the ancient Roman empire or the Reich exactly as the hindu nazis are doing in the name of 'akhandbharat', 'hindu rashtra' 'bharat varsh' etc.

It does not matter whether the majority is secular or not.They will be silent or forced to be silent.All over the world,it's the minority which usurps power.The majority of the hindus are nor able to contain the anti-secular and fascist elements who use the name of hinduism. No one needs to be under the mistaken belief that the majority is secular and that they will rise to preserve democracy and secularism,if one is to learn from the history of Germany,Italy or other fascist nations of the past.

The agression or the threat of agression is not just an invasion into a person's fundamental rights, but something more sinister than intolerance. It is outright fascism.The person who has made the statement is not only a conspirator but an abettor and participant to the crimes.The nazi leader should have been behind bars by now.However the signs predict a grim future as the governments bow to him.

Source:Dalit E-Forum
Referred by:Benjamin K
Published on: February 19, 2001
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