Father claims he sold her tribal daughter


UDAIPUR: Father of a tribal girl on Monday claimed that starvation forced him to sell her daughter five years ago and he got Rs 15,000 in return.

``I handed over my girl fatti to somone and in return got Rs 15,000 in two instalments five years ago,'' Magna, the father, told reporters at Zila Parishad office here.

Zila Pramukh Chaganlal Jain introduced five out of nine tribal girls to the media whose alleged sale by their parents in Kotara Tehsil due to hunger had its echo in Parliament recently.

The girls were brought here to justify the claim of Congress government in Rajasthan that no girls were sold during its regime.

The remaining four girls were out of their village on account of the death of their relatives, Jain claimed at the press conference.

In presence of the district collector, Magna said he was brought to the police station after the news of selling of tribal girls broke out.

Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 1, 2001
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