India has failed to implement human rights

Pioneer News Service/Aligarh

Addressing a seminar on "Review of the working of Indian Constitution",organised by the department of law and political science, Aligarh Muslim University on Thursday, vice-chancellor Hamid Ansari said, "In the last 50 years, we have failed to implement the basic laws and human rights, which are the key features of our Constitution.".

Stressing on the implementation of basic laws and human rights, he added that "all the social, public and sovereign rights are written in the Constitution, but we have to see whether they are granted to the common man or not. And if there are any deficiencies, how can they be removed".

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Qaiser Hayat, dean, faculty of law, said, "Money and manpower have become the mainstay of our democracy". Talking about the rights of minorities and reservations of backward classes, he remarked, "First we have to identify the real minorities and backward classes, and then we should talk about providing them their rights".

The Union-State relationship also came into the picture. Professor Subhramanium,a law teacher said,"Many changes have occurred since 1952, but the recent transferring of judges of different states, especially of Tamilnadu, by the Centre has not sent a good signal and Union-State relations will not improve by such measures".

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Referred by:Benjamin P Kaila
Published on:8 Sep, 2001
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