International Convention

To evaluate freedom struggle for the victims of caste system, launched be Phuley, Priyar and Dr.Ambedkar and to plan its enhancement for the future.

The convention is organised by The Federation of Ambedkarites and Buddhist Organisations of UK, but its proceedings shall be conducted under the independent chairperson who would be selected from the attendance on the day.

The convention would be held for two days on 9th. and 10th. March 2002 at Dr.Ambedkar Community centre, Upper Zoar Street, Penfield, Wolverhampton, U.K.
From 10am to 6pm on both days.

Saturday 9th. March (Morning Session)

10.00am to 10.45am-------- Tea and refreshments

10.55am to 11.00am-------- Welcome by The president of Dr.Ambedkar Memorial Committee of GreatBritain.

11.00am to11.10am-------- Selection of the Chairperson, set out format and rules for the duration of the Convention.

11.10am to 11.30am---------Dr.Rahul Dipankar (Chairman NRIUSA)
                                          Chief Guest at the Convention.
                                          Brief history of our people settled in USA, their
                                          Organisations and how  they can assist in
                                          Internationalisation of our movement.

11.30am to 11.45am---------Mr. Mulkiat Singh Bahal (international co-ordinator
                                          BAMBCEF Network)
                                          How to enhance ourstruggle internationally.

11.45am to 1.00p   ------- Waman Meshram (National President of the BAMCEF)
                                    Keynote Speaker to the Convention.
                                 (1)  Proposed Constitutional Revision and it's likely
                                       Effect on Fundamental Rights of the Dalits
                                  (2)  Atrocities on Dalits, it's nature, cause and the hidden
                                        Agenda of the people responsible.
                                  (3)  DNA research, Fact or Fiction, its likely effect on the society as a whole and who will
                                        benefit from it.
                                  (4)  Re-writing of Indian history it's implication and motive behind it.

1.00pm to 1.20pm ------- Questions and issues arises from the morning session.

1.20pm to 1.35pm---------Mr. Harbhajan Dass Sampla. (Former Gen. Secretary of
                                      Dr.Ambedkar Mission Society, Punjab, India)
                                      Present situation in Punjab.

1.35pm to 1.50pm----------Mr Bagul or Dr.Ganvir (Committee member of
                                        Dr.Ambedkar memorial Committee Manchester
                                        University) Ambedkar'sstruggle beyond SC/ST (For OBC
                                        And Converted Minorities)

1.50pm to 2.00pm--------- Comments.

2.00pm to 3.00pm--------- Lunch.

Afternoon session

3.00pm to 3.45pm -------- Dr.K.P.Singh (Professor Washington University USA)
                                 (1) How does international intellectual community view
                                     The Constitutional and historical tempering by the
                                     Fundamentalist Government in India and its impact
                                     Likely to be on Indian society as a whole.
                                (2) Recommend, ways to inspire their Interest in
                                    Dalits struggle for liberation in the future.

3.45pm to 4pm------------ Mohan Lal Mehmi (Gen. Sec. Dr.Ambedkar Memorial
                                       Committee Wolverhampton,GB.)
                                        How to involve the young to join our struggle.

4pm to 4.20pm---------- Balram Sampla (Delegate to Durban Conference. WCAR)
                                    His report on the way our representatives conducted
                                    Themselves and what we can learn from it.

4.20pm to 430pm   -----C Gautam (Gen.Sec. The Federation of Ambedkarites and
                                    Buddhist Organisations U.K.)
                                    Ambedkarite movement in UK, and how they can contribute

4.30pm to 4.45pm ------Mohan Lal Gill (Gen. Sec. BhagwanValmik Sabha California
                                    How to bring about closer co-ordination between different
                                    Sections of our Society.

4.45pm to 5pm   ------  One speaker from any other Organisation.

5pm      to 6pm   -------- Maters arising from the afternoon discussions.

10th.March (Morning Session)

10am to 1045 .......  Tea and refreshments.

10.45pm to 11.30am-------   Mr.B.D. Borker (Senior BAMCEF)
                                            (1) Globalisation, Liberalisation and Privatisation.
                                                 Mass evictions of poor people from their ancestral
                                                 Homes to Construct massive Dams but no sufficient
                                            (2) Economical status of lower Castes in India.
                                                  Educational, Social and self awareness programme
                                                  Pursued by BAMCEF for their Improvement.
                                            (3)  foreign aid distribution during Gujrat Earthquake
                                                  in 2001.

11.30am to 11.45am--------- Arun Kumar (Assistant Gen. Sec.Of FABO and
                                             Gen.Sec. of Dr.Ambedkar Mission Society Bedford)
                                             Establishment of national Organisation to co-ordinate
                                             With other Human rights and none Government
                                           Organisation to muster support for forthcoming UN
                                            Human Rights Convention.

11.45am to 12.15pm--------Ms. Davi Chander.
                                           Women and Children issues.

12.15pm to 12.30pm--------Representative from Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha UK.

12.30pm to 12.45pm--------Representative from Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha UK.

12.45pm to 1.00pm-------- Mr. M.S.Bahal. Dr.Ambedkar film.                 -

1.00pm to 1.15pm ---------Dr.Rahul Dipankar USA.
                                         Observation and resolutions.

1.30pm to 1.45pm------     Dr.K.P.Singh USA
                                          Observations and resolutions.

1.45pm to 2.00pm -----     Waman Meshram (BAMCEF)
                                         Round up and Conclusions and resolutions

2.00pm to 2.20pm -------- matters arising from morning Session.

2.20pm to 3.20pm -------- Lunch

Afternoon Session



Chanan Chahal (President)
Federation of Ambedkrites and Buddhist Organisations UK.
Tele.01745 852587.

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Published on: March 04, 2002
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