Jhabua witnesses decline in population growth rate


JHABUA: The tribal-dominated Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a decline of 18.60 per cent over the last decade in terms of population growth and registered an increase of 19 per cent in literacy rate.

According to the latest census report, the district's total population is 13,96,677, which has marginally increased from 11,30,405 as per the 1991 census, an official release said in Jhabua on Thursday.

The sex ratio is 990 women per 1000 men in the district, while it was 277 per thousand men in the 1991 census. Jhabua is placed fourth in terms of sex ratio, it said.

The total literacy rate in the district was 19.1 per cent according to the last census report, while it is 37.08 per cent in 2001 census, thus registering an increase of 19 per cent.

The female literacy rate witnessed an increase of 13.98 per cent from 11.51 to 25.50 per cent, the release said.

The population density in the district has increased from 167 (1991) to 206 (2001) persons per square kilometer, the release added.

Source: http://www.newindpress.com/newsItems.asp?id=IEP20010510124802&eTitle=newindpress+%2D+States&rLink=0
Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 12, 2001
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