KDF flays LDF, UDF

KOLLAM; Kerala Dalit Federation has flayed both the LDF and the UDF for fielding only the 'yes men' of the respective leadership of both fronts as their candidates in the reserved constituencies for the forthcoming Assembly elections.

KDF State president P Ramabhadran said here on Sunday that most of the candidates fielded by both the fronts in the reserved constituencies were not committed to the cause of the Dalit communities. None of the political parties have fielded a candidate belonging to the Dalit community in a general seat and this proved the approach of the political parties towards the Dalit community, he said.

Commenting on the non-inclusion of Dalit leaders in the committee for preparing the election manifesto by both the fronts, he said that this was because of a 'master-slave' approach towards the Dalits by these parties controlled by the upper castes lobbies.

The KDF would work to ensure the defeat of those leaders who have taken an anti-Dalit stand irrespective of their political affiliations, Ramabhadran said.

Source:New Indian Express (TVM) Report, 17-04-01
Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: April 19, 2001
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