Kerala Dalits plan mass conversion into Buddhism

(Special Story)
(By Mukundan C. Menon)

A section of Dalits in Kerala are en-mass converting into Buddhism at a "Dalit Sangamam" to be held at Kollam on April 7.

This was disclosed by Kerala SC-ST Joint Forum President, Mr. K. Ramankutty, adding that "it is essential for uniting all Dalits who are now divided into various religions and different political parties". The decision for mass conversion into Buddhism was taken by the National Steering Committee Meeting of SC-ST All India Conference. A meeting of the Coordination Committee will meet soon to give final shape for the conversion of Kerala Dalits into Buddhism, he said.

A total of 24 Dalit organisations of Kerala, including Sambava Mahasabha, Pulayar Mahasabha, and SC-ST Telecom Association would be invited for the Coordination Committee meeting, Mr. Ramankutty said.

Referred by:Mukundan C. Menon
Published on: March 5, 2001
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