Lakhs of Dalits for 'Budhham sharanam gachchhami'

Sanjeev Ahuja/Gurgaon

The state spokesman of All India Confederation of SC/ST Organizations (Haryana) has claimed that lakhs of people of the Dalit community from Haryana would adopt Buddhism at a Deeksha ceremony on October 14 to be held in New Delhi under the aegis of Lord Buddha Club and its allied organization.

According to Mr Satyaprakash Jrawta, the spokesman for the Confederation, the ideas behind the move was to bring an end to the so called backwardness and the sub-castism prevalent even among the people of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. After adopting Buddhism, all the sub-castes would come under the umbrella of Buddhism and would get united. As many as 15000 people of our community from Gurgaon also are likely to embrace Buddhism in October, Mr Jrawta claimed.

At present our people are divided and have been fighting with each other on sub castism, and this has affected our crusade that we have launched in favor of reservations. There are seven wonders in the world but I do not think there can be more exemplary saga than the wonder of untouchables who instead of questioning the authority of the upper castes, believed them and submitted to them. Dalits love and favor this system. The Brahminical Social Order survives because of the support of the so called untouchables and backwards.

In order to create awareness among the downtrodden people of the society, this Organization had launched a Dhamma Vahan from New Delhi on April 14, and this Vahan after passing through different states will terminate at Deeksha ceremony on October 14 where millions of people are believed to embrace Buddhism. The Dhamma Vahan is likely to pass Gurgaon by the end of June. Buddhism will remove sub-castism and create unity among the Dalits to fight for their rights and dignity successfully, and India would become the major Buddhist country after the great conversion of October 14, said Mr Jrawta optimistically.

The Gurgaon Branch of the All India Women's Conference (AIWC) has been conferred the distinction of hosting the half yearly standing conference from June 22-24 in Gurgaon. Mrs Promila Issar, Commissioner Women & Child Welfare, Haryana would inaugurate the conference.

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Referred by: Mukandan CM
Published on: June 22, 2001
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