‘Lambada thandas in poor shape’

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Hyderabad, May 4: The State unit of Lambada Hakkula Porata Samiti will organise dharnas for a week from May 7 in all the district headquarters demanding that the State government uplift the Lambada community through development works in thandas.

LHPS leaders T Ramdas Naik and Danavat Badru Naik told reporters that there had been no development in thandas during the past 50 years. None of the thandas in the districts of Rangareddy, Medak, Mahbubnagar and Nalgonda had motorable roads, drinking water and power supply.

They refuted press reports that Lambadas were selling girl children or resorting to female infanticide. “No parents will sell their children. Some voluntary organisations are deceiving Lambadas by convincing them that better prospects will be available for their children abroad,” they said.

The LHPS leaders warned that they would intensify the agitation if the State government fails to take up development works in Lambada thandas and launch a comprehensive scheme for the socio-economic uplift of the community, particularly Lambada women.

They also demanded that the government take stern action against adoption agents.

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JVV leaders vow to expose charlatans in district

Anantapur, May 4: It is irrational to believe the swamyjis and babas who claim of possessing supernatural powers and who trick the gullible for money, according to renowned agnostic B Premanand.

Addressing a workshop organised by the Jana Vijnana Vedika's science and technology sub-committee here on Friday, Premanand said people have believe in different religions and faiths, but they should not fall prey to the superstitions being put into currency by the so-called babas and swamyjis. The blind faith in these god-men was being strengthened further by the tricks they play in front of the gullible devotees.

“They make us believe that they create vibhooti from the thin air. Such tricks are nothing but pure magic which have scientific basis,” he said.

Man acts upon the nature to fullfil his necessities. Belief in supernatural powers was nothing but humbug, he added. Giving a demonstration of the tricks to the audience, Premanand also promised to teach them to interested persons. He would conduct special classes for the selected on Saturday and Sunday.

Speaking on the occasion, Jana Vijnana Vedika convenor Geyanand said one Adbhutha Kumar was cheating the people at Gooty claiming that he would cure diseases without the need of any doctors or medicine.

He said a public meeting would be conducted on May 7 to expose the tricks of Adbhutha Kumar and people would be apprised of his deceptive nature.

JVV co-ordinator Dr Sailajnath of said that there were a number of babas and swamyjis in Anantapur district as the people here are ignorant and illiterate.

The babas were cashing in on the illiteracy of the rural masses, he felt and called upon the rationalists to launch a movement against the retrogressive tendencies taking deep roots in the country. Representatives from various non-governmental organisations, teachers, students and others participated in the seminar.

Source:The Deccan
Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: May 8, 2001
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