Loser Thakur Nazim goes on rampage in Pakistan

A Thakur criminal who was defeated in the recently held Local Bodies elections by a Meghwar retired teacher has made the life of dalits in Union Council, Jhirmirio,Tehsil Diplo district Tharparker of Sindh province, bordering Rajasthan a living hell as the administration seems unable to bridle the men 'accused of gang-rapes of dalit women'.

Ratan Singh, a crony of Tharparker desert's influential waderas was defeated as Nazim of Union Council, Jhirmirio by Mohan Lal Meghwar, a retired primary teacher in local bodies elections held during June 2001 across several divisions of Pakistan. He was defeated since the Scheduled Castes people are in a majority in the area but the men and his supporter Rajputs could not digest the defeat and resorted to attacks on the dalits.

The man alongwith other armed henchmen attacked a village Borli in the jurisdiction of same Union Council and allegedly molested the women of Scheduled Caste tribe besides severely injuring three other persons. A case was registered against him at Diplo tehsil police station but being politically influential, the case could not meet the ends of justice and he got free with few days.

Following his release, the men went on another rampage this time in village Konralio in the same Union Council, and serious wounded a Meghwar shepherd. The victimisation of Scheduled Castes in this particular Union council alongwith whole of Diplo Tehsil continues unabated as the administration seems to be unable to take any action against him or his Rajput intruders.

The Meghwars of area of Tharparker along the Ran of Kutch have developed greater insecurity following said Ratan Singh was installed as Naib Nazim of Tehsil Diplo in a second round of local bodies elections upon nomination by Arbab family which is related to Thakurs.

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Source: Dalit e-forum
Referred by:Sadhumal Surendar valasai
Published on:13 sep, 2001
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