Madigas to demand for separate reservation in state'

GULBARGA: Madigas, who are listed under the Scheduled Castes, were given a raw deal by the Karnataka government in reservation in education, recruitment and politics, Madiga Dondora Committee (MDC) leader Nanda Krishna Madiga alleged on Sunday.

Addressing the newspersons here, he said the committee which led a successful campaign to secure separate reservation quota for Madigas in Andhra Pradesh, would now begin a movement to secure the due share for the community in Karnataka.

Though Madigas formed majority of the Scheduled Caste population in the state, they were given a meagre three per cent of the 15 per cent reservation.

Chief Minister S.M. Krishna, who promised the community of providing separate reservation quota, was yet to honour it.

He said, he would undertake a state-wide tour in Karnataka to bring awareness among Madigas. An agitation would be launched if their just demands were not not met, he warned. --UNI

Referred by: Mukundan CM
Published on: April 30, 2001
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