Manuwadi Party trains its guns on BJP, Congress


LUCKNOW: Now, a separate political party for the much maligned Manuwadis. Brainchild of a senior UP bureaucrat, Manuwadi Party, launched a year ago has a clear agenda before it - to implement the tenets enshrined in 'Manusmriti' and to provide security and safety to the de facto Indian Dalits - the Sawarnas, by doing away with the reservation policy and the Harijan Act.

The fledgling outfit, say sources already has to its credit a long list of VVIP converts including among them officers of the rank of principal secretaries, ADGs, district magistrates, SPs and middle as well as lower rung government functionaries.

Before you dismiss its credential lightly, here are some facts - In Haidergarh bye-election the party polled more votes than the Congress. Even in the Mayoral election in Lucknow, the party candidate was way ahead of the candidates fielded by better known outfits like Apna Dal, Shiv Sena etc, says a proud Sharda Prasad Tripathi the president of the party, who fits the bill by 'having qualified thrice in PCS written could not make the grade due to the reserved quota."

Interestingly, the immediate target of the Manuwadis are BJP and Congress. Both these parties, says Tripathi, have played the role of Bhishmapitamah and Dronacharya even as the upper caste were being trampled upon by the BSP and SP. The later says he are Duhshasan and Duryodhan who have to be dealt with only after eliminating the first two!

The system has left for us no space to breath says, RD Sharma, secretary of the party. By a stroke of a pen the backlog of 40 lakh vacancies in government jobs will now be fulfilled only by Scheduled Caste which translated into realities means for next 10 years 90 per cent of jobs will be out of bound for Sawarns. And to think it was BJP who supported the idea makes it worse.

Add to it the atrocities heaped by the Harijan Act, he continues. Do you know in UP alone there are three senior IPS officers framed under it? If this could happen to an ADG level officer, the fate of a poor Bramhin or Thakur in a village is easy to guess, he wondred aloud.

The party strategy is very simple. "We cannot win the elections but we can definitely upset the voting pattern, says Tripathi. The objective before us is to raise an army of 10,000 Manuvadis in every consistency who will cut into the votes on caste alignments. The gameplan is sure to bring on thier kness the chief ministers and the prime minsters, boasts Tripathi.

Moreover, giving a competition to the Bajrang Dal and Lohia Vahini is Sudama Dal - the frontal organisation of the party. Its membership is only open to those who earn less than Rs 3,000 a month. These sainiks donning yellow will propogate the Manuvadi philosophy and will be required to come to the party headquarter at Indalganj near Mohibullapur at least once a year. But, no arms training for the sainiks. "Ladna dahrti putron ka kaam hai dev putron ka nahin," says Sharma with a deadpan expression.

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Referred by: Mukundan C.M.
Published on:August 5, 2001
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