Moily in favour of caste-based census

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Former chief minister and Chairman of State Tax Reforms Commission M Veerappa Moily today underlined the need for conducting caste-wise Census operations to ensure that the fruits of social welfare schemes reach the targetted group, while alleging that the Union government does not have sincere concern towards backward classes for its refusal to conduct caste-wise Census during general Census Operations 2000-2001.

Inaugurating an interactive session on "Census and Caste System" organised by the Federation of Akhila Karnataka Backward Classes' Welfare Associations here, Mr Moily warned of a "social and political earthquake" if backward classes are not given due opportunity.

He noted that the democratic edifice rests on social justice, and if it is shattered, it would lead to social and political revolt.

He said the caste system could be eradicated only when unequals are made equal and the process requires injecting strength to backward and oppressed classes through welfare schemes. Mr Moily stated Union Home Minister L K Advani has rejected the proposal for conducting caste-wise Census during the forthcoming Census Operations as mooted by him, without citing any reasons. He had written to the Prime Minister, the Union Home Minister and chief ministers of all states in this regard, he added.

Quoting Kautilya's Artha Shastra, Mr Moily said even Kautilya had stressed the need for conducting caste-wise census. The British too had conducted caste-wise Census till 1941, and subsequently, it was withdrawn to suit the secular characteristic of the country, he noted.

With present practice of Census where only scheduled castes and scheduled tribes are being identified, the exact number of backward classes was not available.

Former chairman of Karnataka State Backward Classes Commission T Venkataswamy, former vice chancellor of Gulbarga University K H Cheluvaraju, Federation president Sosale Javaraiah, All India Backward Classes' Federation President A Hamsaraj and BMP member P N Chandrakala were present at the occasion.

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Published on: January 31, 2001
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