National Public Radio of USA broadcastes on Dalits

Dr. K. P. Singh

I am pleased to let you know that National Public Radio (NPR) of the United States is bringing a special series on the issues of racism and casteism. They are going to broadcaste my first commentary of their series on Dalits from my own personal perspective. It will be broadcasted on Monday morning i.e. September 3rd. So have your radios tuned to NPR or its local channel to listen to the commentary. NPR has over 600 radio stations which pick-up the national programs from its national station. So to know about your local channel, please log on to: and type in your zip/pin code to know the station.

This is my smallest effort in the United States among the greatest efforts being made in Durban simultaneously to highlight our issues and problems. The commentary/testimony that I have made on NPR is about highly personal experiences of discriminations and tortures that I have faced in India. I am eager to have your objective comments.

Warmly KP

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Source: Dalit e-Forum
Referred by: Dr. K.P. Singh
Published on:Sep 2, 2001
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