National Veteran leader Ram Dhan is dead

New Delhi, May 23. (UNI): Veteran freedom fighter Ram Dhan, who passed away this morning aged eighty, may be remembered most of all for joining those Young Turks in the Congress who attempted to change the course of post-Independence history by challenging the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

But this lawyer who later became chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes from 1990 to 1995 spent most of his political career in attempting to improve the lot of depressed classes and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.

Ram Dhan, who is survived by his wife and four children, was suffering from tubercular meningitis. He was admitted to the neurosurgery ICU at the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences on April 28 and his condition deteriorated a few days ago.

An ardent votary of socialist politics, he was associated with the Congress party, the Janata Party, the Jan Morcha and the Janata Dal. He was part of the Young Turk group, alongwith Chandra Shekhar, Mohan Dharia and Krishan Kant, which challenged Indira Gandhi on economic policies in the 1970s.

Leaders condole death of Ram Dhan

The President, the Vice-President and the Prime Minister have condoled the death of Ram Dhan. In separate messages, they said the country had lost a great leader and champion of the downtrodden sections of society. Describing him as a true leader of people and an able parliamentarian, President Narayanan said with his intuitive understanding of the common man's pulse, Ram Dhan played a ``defining role at all the crucial junctures of Indian politics.''

Vice-president Krishan Kant said he had lost a personal friend. The country has lost a true patriot and a tireless crusader for the rights of the weaker sections of society, he said. Krishan Kant and Prime Minister Vajpayee recalled that Ram Dhan was a man of strong character and a leader of firm convictions.

Former Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar said he had lost a life- long associate. ``His contribution to the welfare of the weaker sections of society and the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes will always be remembered. As Young Turk, he always raised his voice on economic issues in Parliament and at other levels,'' he said.

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Source:Bahujan Forum
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Published on: May 23, 2001
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