Candle Light Protest Against The Killing Of Innocents In Gujarat

Hundreds of members of Samata Sainik Dal (SSD), an organisation founded by Dr. Ambedkar in 1920's, and other progressive organisations protested against the massacre of innocents by the fascist hoodlums in Gujarat by lighting candles at the Statue of Dr. Ambedkar in Ambedkar Bhawan in Jhandewalan Area of Delhi.

Members of Samata Sainik Dal, Centre for Alternative Dalit Media (CADAM) and other secular and progressive organisations gathered at the Statue of Dr. Ambedkar in Ambedkar Bhawan in Jhandewalan Area of Delhi at 7.00 pm. Every one gathered lighted a candle at the Statue of Dr. Ambedkar to pay homage to those massacred in Gujarat by the cruel, inhumane, anti-democratic, anti-secularism fascist forces and expressed their shock, grief and anger at the attitude of the state machinery of Gujarat, which completely remained paralysed and invisible during these attacks on the innocents.

Speaking on this occasion Mr. C. P. Singh, President of Samata Sainik Dal, condemned the attacks on the innocents, particularly on the minorities, and asked the President to dismiss the BJP Government in Gujarat for failing its obligation to wards the citizens in Gujarat. The Senior Vice President of SSD Mr. JP Nagvanshi demanded immediate suspension of those officers, who failed in executing their official duty in protecting the innocents. The Chief General Secretary, MR. N.P. Nishant requested all the secular and democratic forces to unite and root out the fascist forces from the country. Mr. Rajendra Kumar, Treasurer of SSD requested Dalits to come forward and make sure that the saffron brigade of hoodlums is defeated everywhere in the country.

In official statement of Samata Sainik Dal, Mr. A.K. Bharti, Spokesman of Samata Sainik Dal said "the State Govt. irrespective of its ideology and likings is bound to follow the principles of secularism enshrined in the Indian Constitution. The Governments and their machinery are also bound to protect the innocents of all castes, religion, colour and ideology. The Gujarat Govt. has failed in complying its duty. Samata Sainik Dal requests the President of Indian Republic to dismiss Gujarat Government immediately for failing in constitutional obligations. "Killers of those killed in Godhara, Ahemadabad, Vadodara, Mehsana and elsewhere in Gujarat and other places be identified and brought to the book. The Government must ensure safety and security of those willing witnessing against the killers and provide them adequate compensation for this" said Mr. Bharti.

"We want an impartial judicial enquiry by a three judge team, and Government must ensure in issuing notification that the recommendations of this commission of enquiry would be binding on the Governments. The Government must ensure that the fate of this newly demanded judicial team does not end as it had ended in case of Shri Krishana Commission of Enquiry into the Bombay riots." said Mr. Bharti. He said that the peoples' faith in the State is at stake and the State must ensure impartiality of its actions. He also informed that the Mahasanghayan of Samata Sainik Dal would soon meet in Delhi and chalk out a long-term plan to fight the menaces of fascism. He requested the democratic forces to support this effort.

Ashok K. Bharti B.E., M.E. (Australia),

Spokesman, Samata Sainik Dal (SSD)

KDSS urges Centre to fill up backlog vacancies

DH News Service

GULBARGA, March 10

Karnataka Dalit Sangarsh Samithi [KDSS] (Mavalli Shankar faction) today urged Union Minister of State for Consumer Affairs V Srinivas Prasad to pressurise the Union government to immediately begin the filling up of the backlog of vacancies.

Submitting a memorandum in this regard to Mr Srinivas Prasad, who was here today morning on his way to Basavakalyan in Bidar district, a KDSS delegation led by its State Organising Convener Shivayogi R Kollur, thanked the Union government for bringing out the 81st Constitutional amendment towards filling up the backlog of vacancies in the Central Public Sector Units (PSUs).

Speaking to Mr Srinivas Prasad, Mr Kollur said that there were nearly 14 lakh backlog of vacancies in the Central sectors like the banks, Railways, Insurance Companies, and other PSUs.

But, while deciding a case relating to the implementation of the Mandal Commission recommendations, the Supreme Court had stated that the reservation quota should not exceed the 50 per cent ceiling, including those while filling up the backlog of vacancies, Mr Kollur said.

Consequently, Article 16 (4B) was incorporated in the Indian Constitution through the 81st amendment in 2000, removing this ceiling of 50 per cent while filling up the backlog of vacancies, he added.

However, Mr Kollur told the minister that, even though it was almost two years after the amendment was brought paving the way for the filling of the backlog of vacancies, yet the Centre had not started the process of filling up the backlog.

He stated that there were lakhs of unemployed people in the country belonging to the SC/ST, and nearly half among them are above the minimum age fixed for the jobs.

Stating that the decision taken by the Union government to bring in the 81st amendment was a historical one, Mr Kollur said, this had raised some hopes among the Dalits.

He told the minister that the KDSS, since last many years was urging the Union government to fill up all the backlog of vacancies, but nothing had been done by the Centre in this regard.

He said, the KDSS thanked the Dalit Union Ministers and Dalit MPs, who had been successful in pressurising the Union Government, in bringing out the 81st amendment.

But, it was almost 19 months after the amendment was brought, yet the process of filling up of the backlog of vacancies had not started, which was worrying the unemployed Dalits, he added.

Thereby, he requested Mr Srinivas Prasad to bring pressure on the Union government to start filling up these nearly 14 lakh backlog of vacancies.

EYE Check Up Camp: A free eye camp was held by the Gulbarga-based Khaja Bande Nawaz Teaching & General Hospital at Aland in the district recently.

A press note from the hospital Medical Superintendent Nasir Bin Ali said that the camp was conducted with the help of Dr Bhutale at the Aland Government Hospital. Around 226 patients were examined on the occasion by specialists like Mr Paranesh Kulkarni and Ms Asma Begum of the Khaja Bande Nawaz Teaching & General Hospital.

Of these 226 patients, 44 have been advised cataract surgery, which would be done free of cost at the Khaja Bande Nawaz Teaching & General Hospital, the note added.

Itís now Dalits vs the VHP in Ayodhya

HT Correspondent

(New Delhi, March 7)

Forget the masjid-mandir dispute, it's a Buddhist Vihara at stake in the disputed site at Ayodhya. And now it's a Dalits versus VHP fight.

In a new political twist to the Ayodha tangle, Dalit leader Udit Raj (Ram Raj) has threatened that if the VHP backtracks and insists on the construction of the temple, he will lead thousands of Dalits to "physically resist" the kar sewaks and sants on March 15 at Ayodhya.

"We have a mass base. We had confronted them on November 4 last year. We are prepared. Thousands of Dalits will stop the VHP physically if they defy the Constitution and construct a temple at the disputed site," Udit Raj declared in the capital on Thursday.

The Dalit leader has called upon Dalits not to participate in the kar sewa and to stop VHP mobs indulging in communal violence. "If we won't stop them today, they will come for the Dalits tomorrow," he said.

Raj, who is Chairman, All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations, claims that there was originally a Buddhist Vihara in the disputed site and he has archaeological evidence to prove it. His outfit is filing a writ petition in the Supreme Court in this regard. "It the court is impartial, let it give Dalits a hearing," he said.

He released a booklet issued by the Indian Bodh Mahasabha which claims that there was neither a Babri masjid nor a Ram temple in Ayodhya, but a Buddhist Vihara. "Ram is a mythical figure. But Buddha was a living legend. It's a Hindutva conspiracy to deny Buddhists their historical legacy," he asserted.


Massive Demonstration to Parliament for peace and secularism on 13th March,2002

11th March, 2002

Irrespective of various political and social allegiances, various social political organisations have joined together to raise their voice for peace and secularism. We all will assemble at 35, Ferozeshah Road, J.N.U. City Centre near Mandi House at 10 A.M. on 13th March 2002. The All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations and Lord Buddha Club have decided to participate in massive numbers in this demonstration under the able leadership of Mr. Udit Raj (Ram Raj). There are cogent reasons to join and lead this in the crisis of national integrity and harmony.

We condemn strongest possible terms the incident of Goddhra and Gujarat . At the same time the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal are also being condemned for their divisive activities in the name of religion. We are joining and leading this demonstration keeping in view following things. Our demands and programmes are if VHP and Sants do not refrain from Kar Seva at disputed site at Ayodhya and infringe the Constitutional provisions, they will be resisted by us physically; Dalits are being appealed that they should not join or assist VHP in any manner in carrying out Kar Seva at Ayodhya and should also take notice that the same VHP created a lot of hindrances at the time of Diksha on 4th,Nov. 2001, which was a noble cause of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar ;the VHP should be banned and its leaders should be booked under POTO and in the time of Gautam Buddha, there was Bawari Buddha Vihar at Ayodhya and there are enough material evidences to support this contention and stones and remains found at the sight reveal that it was a Buddhist shrine and hence there should be detailed investigation of the matter and the Supreme Court should also hear our side. The Lord Buddha Club is preparing a writ to file in the supreme court. Bhante Buddha Priya Rahul, National Pracharak of Lord Buddha Club, will be filing suit in Supreme Court very soon.

The National Chairman, Mr. Udit Raj , has objected VHP that they should not make any claim on behalf of whole Hindu community because dalits are not supporting their divisive designs. He appealed to all nationalists, secularists and peace loving people to jioin this massive demonstration at JNU City Centre, 35, Ferozeshah Road, (Near Mandi House) at 10:00 A.M. and after that participants will march to Parliament.

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Published on: March 12, 2002
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