Hindutva at the helm, how safe is India?

By D Gopi (daragopi@satyam.net.in)

In the world's largest democracy is witnessing the world's ugliest battle - all for a place of worship. Claiming to be the majority view, a group of fundamental forces are sitting at the help of affairs, while a small portion of them are on the streets touching the sentimental feelings of the Hindus. Not that every Hindu in the country is for this type of controversy. But, the henchmen of the faith have taken the task to represent the rest of the people. Not even the majority of the Swamijis are for such a controversy in the name of religion and faith.

Politicians world over are known for raking up some issue and championing it. Likewise, the politicians of the Hindu faith in India are championing the cause. We have Lal Kishan Advanis and Ashok Singhals to keep dragging the faithful Hindus on to the streets in the name of religion trying to Hinduise the society. We also have Murali Manohar Joshis who is trying to paint the history with Hindu colour and change the thinking of the people. And we have Atal Behari Vajpayees - holding Advani and Singhal in one hand and Joshi in another - trying to give a secular look for the nation.

Not to forget, we have George Fernandez and people alike, who support Advanis, Singhals and Joshis and continue to paint themselves as socialists and secularists. Unfortunately, we have Ram Vilas Paswans, who keep silent from their new glass chambers - sacred of losing the chambers.

With all these people sitting at the helm of affairs, one wonders if the nation is safe in their hands. The democracies and all other forms of governments across the length and breadth of the world should learn to adopt the present day nature of Indian democracy. They have a convenient argument that the country has majority Hindus and in democracy whatever the majority people say is the final.

Majority people have pulled down the Babri Masjid claiming that it was the birthplace of Lord Rama. Majority people have killed over 200 Muslims and others in Gujarath in their march to the birthplace of Lord Rama. Majority people are bringing forward that only construction of a temple at Ayodhya would solve every problem in the country. This is what democracy preaches and this is what those sitting at the helm of affairs in New Delhi believe in. For the birthplace of Lord Rama, these secular and democratic forces have defiled the birthplace of Mahatha Gandhi.

They can openly declare that they would destroy the masjid and construct mandir. They can give weapons and train youth for the cause. One should not call them terrorists because they represent the majority people of this country. Again, in democracy, majority views and actions are justified.

Construction of a temple at Ayodhya will solve the problem of increasing unemployment in the country; the increasing poverty in the country; the poor rate of literacy in the country; the increasing terrorist activities in the country; the increasing corruption in the country; the devastating calamities that ruin the lives of the people in the country.

For them, massacre of a missionary is a law and order problem; demolition of a masjid is a law and order problem; slaughter of Dalits is a law and problem; ostracism of untouchables is a law and order problem. Destruction of a masjid and construction of a temple is faith and the problem of the nation.

They want the Constitution to speak for the temple. They want the courts to speak for the temple. They want the government to speak for the temple. They want Lord Rama and Lord Krishna to speak for the temple. If Lord Rama says he doesn't want a temple with this kind of bloodshed across the nation, well, these Rambhakthas will not spare to brand him anti-Hindu. Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, for that matter, whomever these Rambhakthas call a Hindu God or Goddess, have no option but to accept the word of these secular and democratic forces. Only then the nation is safe.

BSS activists in temple town to prevent puja



LUCKNOW: A large number of the Bahujan Swayamsewak Sangathan (BSS) activists have reached Ayodhya to prevent the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and saints from performing any puja on March 15 and ensure that the Constitution framed by Dr BR Ambedkar is not violated by them and the court's verdict is followed strictly.

BSS commander Tej Singh told mediapersons here on Wednesday that a "Hindu micro-minority" would not be allowed to continue the exploitation and victimisation of 85 per cent Dalits, OBCs, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians living in this country. He quoted Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak while explaining the term Hindu micro-minority. He said that they were Aryans who had come to this country about 4500 years back, while the Dalits, OBCs, Muslims, Buddhists and Christians were original inhabitants of this country and had not come to India from any other country.

"Being outsiders, these Aryans had no love for India or Indians", he said. Singh called the BJP, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena as Indian terrorists who were trying to annihilate Muslims, Dalits, OBCs, Buddhists and Christians from this country.

He also did not spare the Congress, Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party and alleged that they claimed to be the protectors of Muslims but, in fact, they were their (Muslims') worst enemy and played in the hands of the Aryans due to their vested interests.

When asked if any Muslim organisation or leader had complained to him about their victimisation and demanded protection from his party, Singh replied in the negative. He, however, added that since he treated them as brothers, he considered it his duty to come to their rescue even without their asking for it.

He said that his political outfit Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP) would eliminate all these parties from the political scene of the country.

In reply to a question he admitted that as many as 49 candidates had been set up by the ASP in the recent assembly elections but none had succeeded.

International Dalit Convention Concluded

Dr. K.P.Singh

It was a great historic occasion when Dalits from different parts of the world including USA, UK, Germany, France, India and other countries assembled together to discuss the problems faced by Dalits in India. Several important issues including atrocities, socio-economic development, alliance formations, strategies of Dalits movement and political assertion of Dalit etc. were discussed in the convention.

Dr. Rahul Deepankar, Chairman of NRIs USA, graced the occasion with his presence as the Chief Guest while Mr. Chanan Chahal, president of FABO, UK presided over the entire convention. Other important dignitaries who attended the convention were Waman Meshran, President of BAMSEF-India, Borker, India, Chakarvorty Gautam, Gen. Secy of FABO-UK, M.S. Bahal, BAMSEF International, Arun Kumar-UK, Balram Sampla-UK, Niranjan Waghmare-UK, Bagul-UK, and Dr. Ganveer-UK.

The Dalit meet solemnly resolved to fight out all kinds of odds faced by Dalits in India. They also resolved to form an International Dalit Human Rights group, which will take up the task of forming "Global Network" to highlight the plights faced by Dalits. This human rights group will also bring likeminded people and organizations together on a secular non-religious, non-political platform.

Dr. Rahul Deepankar, the chief guest, drew attention of Dalit attendees toward the positive outcomes of globalization of Indian economy. He was of the view that if Indian government follows its agenda with positive and constructive approach, it could benefit the oppressed section of the society. He warned Dalits not to be misguided by the false propaganda of certain section of the society and asked people to watch out governmental policies, which could benefit Dalits if implemented properly. He also asked the audience to envisage the socio-cultural changes and challenges that Dalits are facing. Dr. Deepankar exhorted Dalits to focus mainly on three important things: Self-reliance, Self-development, and education. He was of the opinion that Dalits should seize each opportunity to become self-reliant to develop themselves. If Dalits are able to secure enough means of self-reliance, no one could dare to prohibit Dalit from their self-development as he said. He also said that Dalits must concentrate on speeding up their higher education to acquire the benefits of the opportunities encircled around them. Drawing upon Dalit cultural heritage from Buddhism and Chandra Gupt Maurya to Ashoka, he emphasized that there is a lot to share with the world about Dalit culture.

Another speaker, Waman Meshram, lamented against Indian government's decision to review Indian constitution and drew attention of the audience towards hidden agenda of Sangh Parivar. He was of the view that formation of international network would enhance the Dalit struggle against their caste based discriminations.

Chakarvorty Gautam emphasized on Dalit unity to lead the Caravan of Babasaheb's mission. He put forward his view to have such a great forum where no one should be left out of the noble mission for equality, fraternity, and justice.

M.S. Bahal criticized Indian government's hidden attention for not releasing film on Dr. Amebkar. He also asked people to assist him in making another film on Babasaheb Dr. Ambekar so that all Dalits and other in the world-over could watch the film.

Balram Sampla gave an extended statement specifying the debate and deliberations in the conference against racism held in Durban city of South Africa. He was one of the delegates presented a report containing his experiences.

Arun Kumar in his speech presented his ideas about forming an International Human Rights group to fight against oppression and discriminations of Dalits in India.

Dr. Ganveer and Bagul talked about Dr. Ambedkar memorial lecture series held at Menchester University. Bagul emphasized on political development while Dr. Ganveer spoke about Dalit solidarity.

There were many more interesting and fruitful presentations and discussions in the convention.

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Published on: March 14, 2002
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