Revolt against BJP-BSP tie-up or face ostracisation'

DH News Service

LUCKNOW, April 26

Noted cleric Kalbe Jawwad has asked the 13 Bahujan Samaj Party Muslim legislators to revolt against a tie-up with the BJP or face social boycott. He said all the Muslims representing the BSP in assembly and legislative council should leave the party fold else the community will boycott it socially.

The respected Shia cleric is the second of the minority voices arising in the wake of an alliance being struck between the saffron party and the dalit outfit. The All India Milli Council had recently issued a request, asking the MLAs to oppose any alliance with the BJP. The pressure has been showing at the district level. Talat Aziz and Dr Aziz Ahmed, senior office-bearers of Gorakhpur unit of the party, tendered their resignation protesting against negotiations with the BJP. It was former MP Arif Mohammed Khan who created a flutter by putting in his papers over the issue.

Maulana Jawwad wondered how a secular party could join hands with the BJP whose chief minister Narendra Modi was behind cleansing of minorities from Gujarat. He urged the community to mount pressure on muslim legislators to leave the BSP else to boycott these politicians. He said the Gujarat police, with support from Narendra Modi administration, has killed Muslims and raped women. By calling terrorism as a part of Islam, the cleric said prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had shed his mask of secularism he had been wearing for a longtime. "He shed crocodile tears in Gujarat and then shed his secular mask," he said, adding: "It is an attempt to unite the fanatic Hindus."

In a scathing attack, Jawwad said the Vajpayee administration will not be able to face the world after the recent riots. "Because, he has blackened his face by linking terrorism and Islam," he added. The cleric said the Vajpayee government was part of an international coalition against Islam and thus could not any longer pretend to be secular.

Expressing regret that the BSP, which Muslims considered a secular outfit, was joining hands with BJP, Maulana Jawwad urged the community to pressure the legislators to quit the party else to teach them a lesson with a social boycott.

BSP urges govt to appoint lady doctors

DH News Service

MOLAKALMURU (C'durga dt), April 27

Bahujan Samaj Party has urged the government to appoint lady doctors at the local government hospital.v Molakalmuru taluk, which bordered the district, was a backward area. The hospital there had no lady doctors for the past ten years. This was creating problems for the pregnant women in the hospital. Even though protests were held demanding the appointment of lady doctors, no measure was taken in this regard, said the party.

Primary health centres in B G Kere, Nagasamudra, Hirekerenahalli and Rampura also faced the same problems. As a result of which the pregnant women were forced to go to Bellary, Rayadurga, Challekere and other places for check-up. This was an expensive affair for the people in this region who worked very hard to make the two ends meet. In a statement, BSP State General Secretary M Jayanna lamented that the government's assurance to organise special programmes for the development of border areas have remained mere promises.

He also urged the government to appoint a lady doctor to Molakalmuru hospital in order to so

DSS to observe `Oppressed Classes Unity Day' on April 30

DH News Service

HASSAN, April 27

DSS (Secular) District unit has decided to observe Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanthi as the `Oppressed Classes Unity Day'.

This programmes would be held on April 30 in Kalabhavan. A procession has also been organised to mark the occasion, Association leaders D Gopal, M B Puttaswamy, Rajashekhar, Puttaswamy, Abdul Samad, M Krishnaiyya said in a release here.

Association State convenor D G Sagar will inaugurate the programme. Ministers Motamma, C R Sageer Ahmed, former minister H C Mahadeveppa will participate. Association State convenor Guruprasad Keregodu will present the introductory speech, they added.

This apart, Zilla Panchayat President B R Vasudev, vice-president Chandrakala Nagesh, CMC President Chennaveerappa, Urban development works President B K Manjunath, Harihar Anandaswami and others will also participate.

Prior to the meet, a procession will be taken out from the jubille grounds, he said.

Dalit-Muslim alliance to take on Parivar

HT Correspondent

(New Delhi, April 25)

Ram Raj - the man who led the mass conversion of over 10,000 Dalits to Buddhism last year - has become a prime mover behind a Dalit-Muslim alliance as a counter-poise to the Sangh Parivar after the Gujarat developments.

Now called Udit Raj, Ram, who is also the National Chairman of the All-India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations, and Maulana Mahmood Madani, general secretary of the Jamiat-Ulama-e-Hind, have come together to form the Save India Front (SIF) whose avowed purpose is to maintain the country's ''unity, integrity and communal harmony''. It claims to be a non-political body.

On May 2, the SIF will hold a rally at the Ramlila Maidan here ''for the sake of the country and sufferings of the Muslims of Gujarat''. Both Ram and Maulana Madani have promised to make it a ''mammoth'' demonstration against the Sangh Parivar and its ''politics of communalism''.

Ram does not rule out the presence of political leaders at the rally where the SIF will demand the removal of Modi, protection and proper rehabilitation of minorities, banning of the RSS, VHP and the Bajrang Dal.

Opposition are not effective in fighting communalism.
Dalit leadership compromised with Sangh Pariwar at this crucial juncture

New Delhi, 29th April, 2002

Murder, violence, rape, rapine, house burning and tactics of terror have not stopped for the last two months in Gujarat which shows that opposition parties are not effective stop it. This has now compelled the common people to come together at Ramlila Ground on 2nd May, 2002 at 10 A.M. New Delhi. The civil society must rise to the occasion of the crises to save country and over throw undesirable government and communalist forces.

The convenor of the Save India Front Maulana Mahmood Madani - General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said that there was no need for Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind to come in the forefront, if political parties had combated communalism seriously. Even so called secular and centrist political parties are avoiding head on collision on the issue of Gujarat because they think that they will lose Hindu votes. Violence in Gujarat is continuing for almost two months which has established beyond any doubt that even opposition parties cannot deal with this situation. Now the time has come to create new force to stop communalism and save country. It has been proved that the VHP, RSS, BJP, and Bajrang Dal are the real enemies of the Constitution, reservation, humanity and unity and integrity of the country. The Save India Front warns allied parties of N.D.A. that they must rise to the occasion in the house on 30th April, 2002 otherwise they will not be different from BJP.

The convenor of the Save India Front (SIF) Mr. Udit Raj (Ram Raj) - Chairman of the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations expressed greatest surprise about Bahujan Samaj Party which has betrayed the cause of unity and integrity of the country in collaborating with divisive forces. It compromised with BJP at such a crucial juncture when it is bent upon to finish reservation, Constitution and right to life and liberty of Muslims. Had it not given its support at this time, the T.D.P. would have withdrawn its support and BJP Government at the centre must have fallen. For a post of Chief Ministership, harm done to dalits, minorities and ultimately to the country will be manifolds than gain. The BSP rose against Manuvad and taught dalits in particular and minorities, backwards and poor in general to regard forces like VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS as their enemy No.1. It also gave slogan, "Tilak, Tarazu aur Talwar, Inko Maaro Jute Char." The same BSP got initial boost in U.P. because of Muslim support and it has now entered into alliance with BJP whose hands are stained with the blood of Muslims in Gujarat. Dalits are utterly disappointed and looking forward to see new force which can replace BSP. Mr. Ram Vilas Paswan is also silent on this burning issue and this is sending message across the country that dalit leadership has been sold. The All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations is closely monitoring this crisis. The way the response is coming from dalits all over the country, the rally of 2nd May,2002 may give rise to a new force.

Mr Shyam Paul, the leader of All India Christian Council, said that right to life and liberty and religion is in jeopardy and civil society must rise to the occasion to save the country from BJP and Sangh Parivar. Thousands of Christians will also participate in this rally. Pandit N.K. Sharma, Founder President of Universal Association for Spiritual awareness, said that the Sangh Pariwar is falsely claiming to be religious leaders of Hinduism. Shankaracharya of Puri has said in various public meetings that organisation like VHP have nothing to do with Ram, he further said.

Save India Front appeals Journalists, educationalists, professionals, social and political workers and common people of this country to support this noble cause while participating in the rally at Ramlila Ground on 2nd May.

Ram Vilas Paswan quits Union Cabinet

Union Coal and Mines Minister Ram Vilas Paswan has resigned from the Union Cabinet on the Gujarat issue

New Delhi, Apr 29 (PTI): Union Coal and Mines minister Ram Vilas Paswan today resigned from the Union Cabinet on the Gujarat issue.

Sources close to Paswan said leader of Lok Janshakti, which has four M.Ps in the Lok Sabha, met the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and handed over his resignation.

Lok Janshakti spokesman R S Bidhuri said Paswan resigned to express his resentment over the handling of the situation in Gujarat by the Centre and by the Narendra Modi government.

Bidhuri said Paswan had repeatedly demanded that President's rule be imposed in Gujarat besides removal of Modi as Chief Minister.

The country had to hang its head in shame because of the Gujarat developments, Bidhuri said.

Paswan's resignation came just hours before the meeting of the NDA allies to discuss the strategy of the ruling combine for tomorrow's Opposition sponsored censure motion against the Government in Lok Sabha which entails voting.

`RSS pamphlet' has Jharkhand police worried

M. Madhusudan

(Ranchi, April 28)

Pamphlets seized by the Special Branch of the Jharkhand police suggest that the RSS is on a secret "cleansing drive" in Jharkhand's Chotanagpur and Santhal Paragana divisions.

These pamphlets, allegedly brought out by the RSS, are titled 'RSS's Latest Battle Policies to Wipe Out Christian Adivasis in Chotanagpur and Santhal Paragana'.

The pamphlet terms the drive the RSS's "last effort" at motivating youngsters to join the outfit. It is especially tough on the Sarnas, a Santhali-speaking tribal group, and calls for the tribe to be "wiped" out.

The pamphlet, which the Special Branch has distributed to all district police chiefs, spews venom on the Munda, Oraon, Kharia and Santhali tribes since they "do not agree to join the Hindus - the nation's mainstream." The outfit calls for "luring their youth with money and liquor." This, the pamphlet says, has to be started by targeting college students.

The Jharkhand police said they fear the pamphlets could lead to tension between the Hindus and the Sarnas. In a letter, the Special Branch has directed district police chiefs to take "appropriate administrative action" to check the circulation of these pamphlets. The Special Branch letter says, "As per information, RSS activists have launched a secret public awareness and membership drive in Bokaro and have distributed pamphlets in this regard." But police sources said that the pamphlets were distributed last year. "We didn't have any specific guidelines from the DGP's office then, nor do we have now," they said.

The pamphlet also calls for the tribals to be displaced from their lands and if necessary, "take resort to deceitful means..., even power." The State has reported numerous cases of encroachment of tribal land.

The pamphlet has also incorporated "the 20-point agenda which senior RSS leader Ramaswamy had come out with while praying for an awareness among Hindus in the Madurai Temple".

The 20-point agenda calls for each Hindu to become a member of organisations such as the RSS, Hindu Forward Block, Hindu Mandir Suraksha Sansthan, VHP, Arya Samaj and Hindu Mahasabha. It also asks Hindus "not to allow any Christian or Muslim processions in their areas".

The agenda also includes, among others, a seizure of all Christian literature spread in the Hindu areas and ensuring that every Hindu is a member of any of its aforementioned organisations. Last, but not the least, it also calls for extending financial help to a Tamil magazine.

Dalit schemes sans peace won't serve purpose: DPI

By Our Staff Reporter

NAGERCOIL APRIL 28. The Dalit Panthers of India president, R. Tirumavalavan, has urged the Government to create an atmosphere congenial to the peaceful coexistence of Dalits and other sections in the State.

Referring to atrocities perpetrated on the Dalits, he said though the Government was implementing in good faith the schemes of free cycles for Adi Dravidar girl students and group houses for Adi Dravidars, they would come to naught if peace was not restored at Pappapatti and Keeripatti villages in Madurai district, where Dalits continued to be marginalised.

Unveiling a life-size bronze statue of B.R. Ambedkar in front of the Anna Stadium here last night, in the presence of the Revenue Minister, N. Thalavai Sundaram, and the former Tourism Minister, N. Suresh Rajan (DMK), Mr. Tirumavalavan said no economic reforms would serve the purpose if Dalit grievances went unredressed and asked the Government to restore peace in villages.

The economic reforms would yield results only if violence against them was curbed.

Referring to the speeches made by Mr. Thalavai Sundaram and Mr. Suresh Rajan, he said both the Dravidian parties, belying expectations of the Dalits had done little to mitigate their hardship, and oppression continued to hound them.

Reacting sharply to Mr. Suresh Rajan's remarks that the State Government was unable to rein in law-breakers at Pappapatti and Keeripatti, Mr. Sundaram remarked that the AIADMK Government paved the way for holding local bodies elections as soon as it came to power, but the DMK, throughout its tenure, skirted the poll issue.

State for a BC in Osmania top seat

Hyderabad, April 28: Despite intense lobbying by aspiring candidates from upper castes, the prestigious post of vice-chancellor of Osmania University is likely to go to a candidate from backward classes this time.

The State government is reportedly in favour of selecting a BC candidate for the coveted post in the oldest university of the State catering mainly to the higher educational needs of the poor from Telangana region.

Sources in the Education Department told Deccan Chronicle that the search for a BC candidate having a minimum experience of 10 years as a professor as well as an administrator has already begun.

The Search Committee appointed by the State government to forward three names, one of whom will be selected as VC, is likely to meet only after April 30 to decide the panel of names, sources said.

According to sources, the university is in the process of preparing a list of 25 professors belonging to SC, ST and BC communities, having 10 years of experience as professor and administrators. A list to this effect was reportedly sought by the Search Committee.

Another 22 professors from SC, ST and BC communities having 5 to 10 years of experience both as professor as well as administrators are also in the fray.

Out of the 11 universities in the State, nine are being headed by VCs belonging to upper castes. Even the post of chairman of AP State Council of Higher Education is being headed by a candidate from upper caste.

The momentum for appointment of a BC candidate gained momentum after the State government selected a candidate from Reddy community for the VC post of Nagarjuna University.

Kakatiya University is headed by K K Chandrakant who a Brahmin; Sri Venkateswara University has P Murali, a Kamma as VC; B R Ambedkar Open University VC is Sivalinga Prasad, a Kamma; Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University VC is I V Subba Rao, a Kamma, Sri Krishna Devaraya University VC is Y Saraswati Rao is a Brahmin and NTR University of Health Sciences VC is N Shyam Sunder, a Brahmin. In the 83 years of history of OU, there has been only one VC hailing from the BC community. As per the records available in OU, Muslims headed the OU VC post from 1918 to 1952.

In the period after the merger of the State of Hyderabad into the Indian Union, Brahmins (from 1952 to 1957) and Reddys (from 1957 to 1995) monopolised the highest position in the university. In the last 50 years, among the 12 VCs, there has been one Velama and only one BC vice-chancellor.

Though the Andhra University VC post has been given to a candidate from SC community and Dravidian University post to a BC, the State government is reportedly keen on appointing a BC candidate to the prestigious post of OU.

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Published on:April 29, 2002
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