A New Book on the Buddha and the Essence of Dhamma is Released

"Bhagwan Buddha: Dhamma ane Dhammacharya"

A New Book titled "Bhagwan Buddha: Dhamma Sar ane Dhammacharya" in Gujrati language, explaining scientific and practical aspects of the Buddha's teachings was released at a public function by well known Painter and Literator Shri Aabid Surati. The Book has been written by the renowned Buddhist scholar and researcher Author Mr. Anand (S. Krishna), Additional Commissioner of Income Tax, Mumbai. Speaking on the occasion Shri Aabid Surati said that the Book will benefit millions of people as it provides practical solution to problems like corruption, nepotism, violence, terrorism, poverty and unemployment etc. He said that the story of the Buddha renunciating family life is really fascinating and an ideal for the human being.The author has broken many myths and brought out many new facts with conclusive evidences hitherto unknown to common people. Shri.Kanti Bhatt, renowned Columnist, who was the Chief Guest said that in today's world of materialism and violence, the teachings of the Buddha have become much more relevant than they were earlier.

Shri. Dinkar Joshi, famous play-writer and novelist, presiding over the function said that the book is a unique work with information and original thought about the Buddha and his teachings. It is a fascinating pot pourie of simple, often untold insights into Dhamma, interesting glimpses from the Buddha's life and the author's own understanding of the Dhamma. The Book will serve as a handbook for all those persons, who want peace and happiness in life by walking on the path of Dhamma. It describes Buddha's immense love for life. The Buddha preached that violence begets violence, fire can never douse fire. But love can win over hatred and a man at peace with himself will bring peace to the world. The author proves that cause for the Buddha's renunciation of worldly life was his concern for finding a solution to the problems of humanity like violence, war, poverty, inequality, exploitation, corruption etc. and how to make the human being happy. He said that the book provides solution to all the problems which the world is facing today. Congratulating the author for writing such a wonderful book in such a simple language, Mr. Dinkar Joshi said that the book will help in making the world a better place to live in.

Explaining the purpose of the writing the book, Mr. Anand said that the book guides the reader how to practically walk on the path of Dhamma without becoming dogmatic. It will help the people irrespective of their faith to purify defilements of their mind like craving, aversion clinging and attachment. This will make the people realize that anger is the root cause of violence and terrorism, greed is root cause of corruption, lust is root cause of adultery and flesh trade, jealously is the cause of backbiting and attachment to sensation is root of consumption of intoxicating. Whenever and wherever any person indulges in them first harms himself before harming others. It is because a lot of poisonous substances are generated within our body due to electromagnetic and bio chemical reactions in human body, due to anger, greed, lust, jealousy and consumptions of intoxicating substances. Which destroys chemical balance of the body. Once the reader will realize this, he will be his own policeman to guard against these problems. The people will adopt Panchsheel in their daily life and become happy and peaceful. If we are peaceful and happy, we can distribute peace and happiness to others. If we are miserable, we will distribute only misery. We distribute and share with others what we have. This is the law of the nature. The book will help the readers in walking on the path of Dhamma. The Buddha's view on income and spending, savings, family life, relations between paresnts & children, wife & husband, friend and relatives, individual and society have been explained in a very local language.

The author has explained with the help of the law of dependent origination discovered by the Buddha, the root of violence and terrorism, corruption in society, reasons for non tolerance,poverty, inequality and exploitation. Prof. Suresh Mane, Socio-Political Activist said that the book explains in very simple language how easily one can make the Dhamma a part of daily life. Through twelve chapters, the book describes Buddha's life, his followers, the essence of his teachings, law of cause effect relationship, role of sensations and wheel of life, Vipassana, Vipassana centers in India, pictures of the stupas in India and abroad, Buddhist religious texts, festivals and places of pilgrimage - their historical and spiritual importance and how to reach there. It is truly a handbook for millions of people who are sincerely interested in practicing Dhamma to live a peaceful and happy life. the author has given detailed explanation for all twenty two vows admistered by Dr. Ambedkar with background and rationale for each vow. The Book was already released in English, titled "The Buddha: The Essence of Dhamma and its Practice", last year. This is the Gujrati Edition of the Book. Translation in Gujrati language has been done by Mr. Ramesh Nirmal and Mr. Jayant Jariwala. Book is released by Samruddha Bharat Publication, Mumbai and disrtributed by R.R.Seth & Co. Ahemadabad-Mumbai. Considering the demand of readers the book is being translated into Marathi, Orriya, Bengali, Tamil, Telagu and other languages which are likely to be published within one year.

Renowned Film Actress Dimple Kapadia was the Special Guest on the occassion, Shri V.K.Baranwal, chief commissioner of Income Tax and other senior bureaucracts, Buddhist Monks, Social Workers and Intellectuals were also present on this occasion. Mr.Ramesh Nirmal compered the programme. Mr.Dinesh Rajbhar, CEO Samrudh Bharat Publication thanked the guests.

Mumbai, 25th April 2003.

Samrudh Bharat Publication.


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Published on: Apr 29, 2003
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