Mayawati's new mission possible: lead them instead of being get misled by them.

Praful Sakya


I for one, completely in agreement with the policies of the BSP, critics plus other parties may beg for differ, but I for one, those are in sync with current game-of-politics. The BSP has done right thing by organizing the 'Brahmin Sammelan' and coining new slogan ' Jiske jitne Sankhya bhari, utni uski Bhagidari'. Kudos to the party, for becoming the first party to understand that it can not win elections without the support of the so-called upper caste communities, hence stand tall amongst all other self styled parties those claimed to be the ultimate saviours of backward community without doing anything.


The BSP is the first political party to take such a path-breaking step that instead of 'we' joining the upper caste community and becoming the pawns in their hands the party has appealed them to join 'us'. Where the question comes whether the party is diluting its' ideology or for that matter, diverting itself from its basic commitments. It is quite crystal clear; unless and until the party doesn’t come in the power it cannot really make a substantial change in the lives of the millions of poverty-stricken people mostly of the backward communities. The  'Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Garden’, 'Parivartan Chowk', and recently inaugurated ' Bahujan Samaj Prerna Kendra' or for that matter the response it got for its 'Brahmin Sammelan', could have never been possible but for the political power the BSP enjoyed during its rule. And I can't see, why the BSP, in next 10 to 15 years conquers New- Delhi as per the political aim of the party. 


Today, what it needs to do is to focus more on the aggressive organization building, restructuring and increasing its base for gearing itself up -soon likely- to be the party that can lead India better then any one else. If the party to show that it can ably handle a country so divers like India it has to take all its different units together, and if it does then it will look most compatible than any other political party of India -in the changing situations and political game plans- in handling the affairs of the largest and the vibrant democracy of the world that comprises of different ethnic groups. If we flip through the pages of the history of this diverse country or to observe the current political setting, it gets clear that any ruler had to take these all-diverse elements- that forms India- together for effective ruling, if he wished so. And the thing is quite clear that BSP has realized this fact. Democracy has its own compulsion but the way has to be found and that is what the BSP is doing with its newfound mantra ‘lead them instead of being get misled by them’. 


There is no doubt the minor percentage of people ruling over the vast majority of the population. And the real problem is how long the backward communities are going to cuddle with it and keep cursing them. Their strength is in money, trade and manipulation power that they have been exercising on us ceaselessly.  Ours strength, we, now slowly, slowly coming to know is unity and our numbers. And the message is loud and clear, if we exploit our strength and achieve unity amongst the different sections we will soon capture the power at the center. If they can run the government with our help, it beats me why it is then difficult for us to run it with their support. And the reality is that ‘you’ cannot rule without ‘them’ and ‘they’ cannot without ‘us’. So the Bottom line is the fruits of power cannot be tested without each other supports.


In India it has always been like this. If it so then any party who dreams to rule over this country has to have the support of different sections of the Indian society. So there is nothing wrong in what the BSP had done by organizing 'Brahmin Sammelan'. No one sees any wrong when the so-called upper caste community’s parties enjoy the fruits of the power even when not fulfilling the promises that it makes during the election time to the different sections of the Indian society.  And the same parties accusing the BSP of playing the ‘Caste Politics, but their real fear, actually, is the increasing support of the so-called upper caste communities the BSP succeeded in garnishing that is giving them sleep less nights and their chairs have started emanating cracking sounds because of their tossing, twisting, turning wobbly and wiggly movements of their bodies. 


The BSP needs to work out a few more political game plans. What it has to do is to change the outlook of the party and it is right on the track. The BSP has to show that it is no less than any other party, which it has shown by taking a right step by organizing 'Brahmin Sammelan'. Apart from this the party has to concentrate more on media and publicity. The task appears a bit difficult considering the fact the media is dominated and under the control of the so-called upper castes communities. But nothing doing, it has to get ahead with all the handicaps and have to convert them into positive points.


The BSP has set a right Indian-political-momentum for itself with its bold initiatives of ‘lead them instead of being get misled by them, now lets see how much it will reap political benefits out of it and how much it will convert it for the benefit of the large section of underprivileged India. As of now it is Good showing of the BSP. 

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