Sangh Parivar Harass Buddhists in Karnataka

The following incident took place in Karnataka. This matter may be
given wide publicity to see such things do not occur in the future.
"A monk had gone for Alms round to the village in Jamakandi in
Bagalkot district, he was threatened by some VHP/Bajrangdal
activists. They strongly objected to his wearing a buddhist robe and
going for the alms. Similarly in Hubli where Bhante Buddha Priya is
having a Vihara and teaching meditations for all, RSS drill is being
conducted right in front of his Vihara by whistling etc.Disturbing
meditators by deliberately playing loud speaker and so on. When
Bhante had arranged to install a Buddha statue on the Buddha Jayanti
day, the RSS people had objected to the same. An anonimous letter was
written to the Bhikku threatening that Tar would be poured on his
shaven head with a remark Jai Ganesh.

These instances clearly shows the intolerance of these so called
protectors of Hinduism. ."

Follow up

Regarding the happenings in Karnataka, the affected monk from Hubli came to bangalore and met the Commissioner of Police Mr.Marisway and that of the Additional diectror Gen.Of Police Mr.Subhash Bharni. Among these two officers, the behaviour of Mr. Subhash Bharni was very arrogant and he started questioning the Bhante instead of solving the problem. Such is the position of officers who have come to top positions due to struggle of the leader Dr.Ambedkar and who showed the path of Buddhism to our suffering bretherns. How can we Unite these ignorant officers? Any suggestions from your end? do send E-mails often. This behaviour was resented by the Bhante. How indisciplined and egoistic is is power monger? What a shame?. Let us try to deal with the enemies within rather than dealing with outsiders first.

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